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Sean Taylor, Dead at 24

Posted by Ryan on November 27, 2007

The Washington Redskins’ Pro-Bowl Safety, Sean Taylor, died of a gunshot wound this morning at Jackson Memorial Hospital.  The circumstances of the death are unfortunate.  He was shot by an intruder, about a week after someone tried to break into his home.  The intruder fired twice, hitting him in the leg.  The shot tore a major artery and Taylor nearly bled to death.  Ultimately, he succumbed to his wound.  Thus far, there are no suspects. 

Taylor was a great talent, being the fifth overall pick in the 2004 draft.  He made it the Pro-Bowl in 2006 for his reputation as a hard-hitter.  In fact, since entering the league he has been a boat load of trouble:  $25,000 in fines for missing mandatory meetings, seven fines for late hits, spitting in the face of an opponent during the playoffs (another $17,000 fine).  His personal life wasn’t cool either, since he once plead no-contest to brandishing a gun at a man during a scuffle. 

However, after his daughter was born last year, those close to him indicated that he really began to clean things up and noticed a changed attitude.  His attitude on the field became more respectful and serious.  I believe that people can change and that in America, we can pick ourselves up and turn over a new leaf, not forgetting the past, but using our mistakes as a source of strength and purpose to avoid them again.  He could have been part of a great story, but his story turns out to be a tragedy mired in intrigue.

Pic from Sports Resource Zone.


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