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More CNN Debate Shenanigans

Posted by Mike on November 28, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named continues to pull the strings over at CNN. Earlier tonight, the liberal network offered up liberal question after liberal question during a Republican debate. That alone is bad enough. What’s worse is when Anderson Cooper allowed retired gay general Keith Kerr to waste debate time to deliver a speech outlining his own left-wing views. Worse still is the fact that Kerr is a member of the She Who Must Not Be Named campaign.

Let’s see CNN try to keep this one in the closet!

Hat tip: The Corner

UPDATE:  It turns out that the questioners at last night’s Republican debate included declared Obama and Edwards supporters.  CNN has always had a liberal bias, but they don’t even seem to be pretending otherwise anymore.

Reuters photo

4 Responses to “More CNN Debate Shenanigans”

  1. Jaxebast said

    There’s nothing left wing about letting gay people serve in the military.

  2. Ryan said


    Well, it kind of is. If by Left we mean liberal, and if by liberal we mean politically someone who sees an active role for the government to affect change, then yes, changing tradition in this case is liberal. The problem with tradition is that during times of national emergency, like WWII and Vietnam, gays were allowed to serve as long as they didn’t out themselves or “misbehave” by the government’s standard. In a sense, it was kind of like, “we asked, you told, but we’re ignoring this detail as long as you’re quiet because we need you.” That detail was actually very difficult uncover in the historical record.

    On the Debate:

    It was pretty obnoxious. I thought that the question about the Bible was ridiculous, anti-Christian, biased and mean-spirited. They also tried to make news by letting Romney and Giuliani duke it out every chance that they got– another example of the media trying to become the story rather than letting the candidates speak their views. The Romney/Giuliani tit-for-tats was not encouraged for substantive reasons. There were a few good questions about Iraq and spending, but it was the same kind of questions we hear at every debate, this time with 20-somethings sitting in various backgrounds.

    I agree with Mike, though, that CNN tried to become the story and with the help of talk-radio and the blogs, exposing their obvious bias from last night will penetrate to the MSM. I wonder how many Romney, Giuliani, McCain, Thompson or Huckabee campaign supporters asked questions at the Dem debate?

  3. Ryan said

    The link to Malkin’s blog keeps updating as more and more specific information is coming out about those plants on YouTube. It would be ridiculously shocking if CNN was not aware of any of this, as they claim. If they did know, they justify their reputation as being Democrat shills, if they didn’t, then someone should lose their job.

    It gets more and more clear that CNN tried to implement a low-grade political hacking last night at the behest of agents of the Democrat Party.

  4. Tom Murphy said

    CNN has once again screwed the viewers of the Republican debate. See who was which YouTube videos When clowns like CNN’s senior vice president David Bohrman and the rest of the CNN political team are the ones selecting the videos, it is no surprise. Here is why, see this video to see what they have been doing to us.

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