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Hugo’s a No-Go for Dictator

Posted by Ryan on December 3, 2007

Hugo Chavez, everybody’s favorite tin-pot South American dictator, had a plebiscite yesterday on the future of his dictatorial status.  He lost!  So, Chavez cannot run for President indefinitely, meaning he’s got to step down in 2012.  Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez said, “This reform was about democracy or totalitarian socialism, and democracy won.”

But, if this socialist is like other ambitious socialists, he’ll find a national emergency (probably American-related) or reword a new referendum to give him those powers anyway.  I’ll believe the step away from totalitarianism when I see it.  But, this is the first electoral defeat for Hugo, even if it was 51-49%.  I don’t expect to see a trend, but it is a good start for the Venezuelan people.  However, the close vote guarantees that Chavez will not go quietly.

AP photo.

One Response to “Hugo’s a No-Go for Dictator”

  1. Chris said

    It’s amazing to see how conciliatory he is, but the truth…I don’t buy it for a minute. Right now, he is not acting like most on the left when the left loses at the polls (e.g.: someone cheated, someone was discrimiated against, the voters are stupid, etc.)…probably to clean up his image.

    He will always be remembered to me as the Socialist Dictator who called my president the Devil…and did it in the United States. If history is any guide, he will not go quietly into the Caracas sunset and we’ll be hearing from this crazy for years to come.

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