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Iran Wins this Round

Posted by Ryan on December 5, 2007

I was waiting for some of the chips to fall before posting on this topic.  Here goes:

The latest National Intelligence Estimate (pdf) (NIE) indicated on Tuesday that Iran stopped its nuclear program in 2003, which is quite an “abrupt about-face” since a July 11 report indicated that Iran was continuing to pursue nuclear technology for insidious purposes: in other words they have not developed nukes yet, but they want to all under the guise of civilian power needs, which they don’t require in the oil-rich nation.  So, the new information does not gel at all with the intelligence from just four months ago– something’s not right here.   

Echoing the Democrats and their MSM allies, Mahmoud called this report a “declaration of victory” for Iran.  How can anyone disagree with Mahmoud’s assessment? 

As I see it:  international efforts to punish the Iranian regime with new economic sanctions for hiding the nature of their programs will collapse now that the “mo-” is gone for swift action; Mahmoud, the Dems and the MSM can use this as a way to embarrass the Bush Administration; the international community which already has a problem with US intelligence will have even more trust issues; and Russia and China will use this as a green light to resume their cozy economic relationship with Iran.  I see no scenario where Iran doesn’t come out feeling like a champ.

Yet, Iran still wants nukes and has an active program to enrich uranium.  Iran is still funding a proxy war with the US and Israel in Iraq, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.  Mahmoud is still a de facto Holocaust-denier and has threatened Israel’s existence on more than one occasion.  But, to the MSM, Bush is the problem.  Very few journalists in the MSM have asked any hard questions about the nature of this inconsistency and they seem cheery that Bush took another hit.  While I do think that Bush didn’t handle this very well or articulate this change properly, Mahmoud is still the crazy one bent on our eventual nuclear demise in the name of Allah!

As Michelle Malkin points out, here’s more perspective that the MSM will miss:  does anyone remember any significant events in the Mideast that took place in 2003?  Hmm…  Oh yeah!  The Iraq War began!  So apparently, not only did Libya give up their WMD program that year, but Iran allegedly stopped its specific nuclear program.  Peace through strength anyone? 

Regardless, our perspective has been smeared by this development.  Iran is still a dangerous regime: no nukes tomorrow, but probably by 2015.  We invaded Iraq based upon the intel that the NIE came up with (bang-up job on that one guys), yet the MSM is very quick to suddenly believe them without probing much further.  The UN, Russia, and China let out quite a sigh of relief since the international community is apt to back down from aggravating a crisis instigated by Iran in the first place.  This is classic appeasement in our time.  The weak and insecure have heard what they want to hear, gave America a slap, all while Iran gets to continue its clandestine activity with much less pressure today than they had to deal with on Monday.  A win for Mahmoud is never a win for America.

AP photo.


4 Responses to “Iran Wins this Round”

  1. hass said

    Why would Iran want nuclear power? For the same reason that the US encouraged and supported Iran’s nuclear program in the first place: See and click the links

  2. Mike said

    Peaceful nuclear energy and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are not mutually exclusive. Iran may indeed benefit economically from nuclear energy but that doesn’t preclude them from also using nuclear technology in their offensive arseanal.

    Of course Iran probably intends to resume their program at some point in the future like on say, oh I don’t know, January 20, 2009? Iran displayed an intent to develop nukes until the Iraq War, and stopped when it was clear we had a President unlike Jimmy Carter. What do you suppose Ahmadiutjob is waiting for? My guess is a Democrat President.

    Even the French and Germans aren’t falling for this one.

  3. Alex said

    And what do you think of the very popular view by a leading Israeli analyst Obadiah Shoher? He argues (here, for example, www. ) that the Bush Administration made a deal with Iran: nuclear program in exchange for curtailing the Iranian support for Iraqi terrorists. His story seems plausible, isn’t it?

  4. Ryan said


    I’d hate to think that this could be the case, but it sounds interesting. This could be Bush just kicking the issue down the road for the next President to deal with (that’s typically unlike him), which is what I think Mike may be inferring will happen either consciously or not. Modern day appeasement.

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