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Romney on Religion

Posted by Ryan on December 6, 2007

Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  Some in the MSM seem to have an issue with that by stating even today that “in purely political terms, Romney’s Mormon faith has been an impediment from the start,” as if trying to perpetuate the stereotypes and challenges.  So, Mitt delivered a speech entitled, “Faith in America” today where he outlined his views on religion in the public sphere while trying to assuage those who are apprehensive about a potential Mormon President.

I don’t like how he has to give this speech, and nearly 50 years after John Kennedy did nearly the same on his Roman Catholicism, it doesn’t seem fair.  JFK was not the first Catholic to run for President, but many believe that his speech cooled the fears by this majority non-Catholic nation that a Catholic President would not, in fact, take marching orders from the Pope and could be independent-minded.  JFK won the popular vote by about 120,000 votes, even closer than the 2000 Election.  But, Romney has nonetheless been getting a lot of flak from the MSM and many evangelicals about his Mormon faith over the last few years, which some believe is a “cult” and not a Christian sect worthy of equal respect.  Today, Romney tried to address the common ground his sect shares with the rest of Christianity, while not stepping away from his faith, while also saying how his oath will be to all Americans regardless of faith. 

I liked the speech and I hope it works in getting people to think rationally about Romney the candidate.  Religious bigotry is as bad as any other bigotry.  The other candidates aren’t given nearly this much negative press on their religious views, but Romney saw the writing on the wall and hopefully his speech put all this behind him and the voters, despite how the press spins this in the future.

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One Response to “Romney on Religion”

  1. Mike said

    This was a great speech because it was so uplifting. He paid tribute to the greatness of all the country’s major religions, and in doing so, affirmed the fact that religion is an integral part of America. The only group who might feel alienated are the atheists who try to shove their own version of religion down everyone’s throats.

    It also reminded me that Romney is the most capable orator in the race this year. I’m not sure if Peggy Noonan could have incorporated that imagery of steeples soaring in the sky toward God. Well, maybe she could have, but that is definitely a good sign for Mitt.

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