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NBC Flip-Flops on Thanking Troops

Posted by Ryan on December 9, 2007

For about two days, NBC believed that Freedoms Watch ads saying “Thank You” to our troops was considered political speech and refused to air them in danger of demonstrating a political bias.  Late yesterday, they wisely reversed course after pressure from Freedoms Watch, the new media and Newt.  The former Speaker called for an outright boycott of NBC stating that NBC volunteered 35 hours for Algore’s Live Earth propaganda, Chrissy Matthews, Keith Olberman, and crew bashing the mission and now consider even supporting the troops “political.” 

NBC’s flip-flop demonstrates that they know they were wrong in their initial assumption.  Must supporting our troops in a time of war be something only people on the Right care about?  I thought the Leftist mantra throughout this war was “we support the troops, but we don’t support the mission.”  I guess that’s not necessarily the case with MSM, and NBC in particular, anymore.  This Freudian slip on their part reveals the despicable nature of their anti-military policies and their executives who tolerate this behavior.  Had there not been an outcry, the Freedoms Watch ads would not be airing on NBC at all.  I’d love to continue Newt’s suggested boycott anyway, but the only NBC I watch is Sunday Night Football– and I only watch that when the Pats are on.


2 Responses to “NBC Flip-Flops on Thanking Troops”

  1. Mike said

    I’m not sure that NBC really knows they were wrong. I think they view it as preserving the bottom line in the face of opposition from people they think are wrong. Either way, NBC has gone downhill, and that’s saying something.

  2. Chris said

    On the NBC Football Coverage…I still think it is a downright crime that Olbermann is on the pre-game show. Yeah, he started out as a sportscaster, but he’s evolved into a political hack. I guess NBC doesn’t realize that this guy stinks (hence his nickname Countdown to No Ratings with Overbite) and everything he touched eventually turns to excrement.

    I must say here is another double standard of the Drive-bys…it’s bad for Rush to be a football commentator, but OK for Keith. I think Rush knows a lot more about football than Olbermann anyway and it looks as if his prediction about a certain quarterback in Philadelphia was correct and it will be proven so when that quarterback will be a Chicago Bear next season.

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