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National Review Endorses Mitt

Posted by Ryan on December 11, 2007

William F. Buckley Jr., the godfather of modern conservatism, created National Review back in 1955 as a place where intellectual conservatism could shine in a media awash in Leftist dribble.  I have not always agreed with the National Review, but they make strong arguments even if I disagree (we conservatives know how to truly argue with facts and evidence and still disagree, not just shout down those who disagree with our points of view).

Well, they’ve picked a candidate to endorse: Mitt Romney.  While admitting that Romney is not the perfect candidate, they feel he’s the best viable candidate (otherwise they’d probably by Duncan Hunter all the way!). 

They argue that Rudy and Huckabee will not unite the base, which is essential;  Rudy’s too liberal on social issues, and Huckabee would spend too much.  Also, John McCain voted against one of the Bush tax cuts and pushed the amnesty bill earlier this year: a conservative death knell.  They like Thompson and think he’s just as conservative as Romney, but Thompson has never run a large enterprise, which gives Mitt the edge in their view.  Romney doesn’t have as much foreign policy experience as Fred or McCain, but Romney has more executive experience and has better articulated a vision for American foreign policy and would know better how to achieve it. 

Other tidbits: Mormonism could be a problem to some, but we’re not electing a pastor-in-chief and they seemed to love his “Faith in America” speech last week.  Finally, they conclude that Romney is “a natural ally of social conservatives,” which seems to be enough for the National Review to see Romney as the best conservative in the race who they think will go the farthest.

Pic from the cover of the December 31 Edition of National Review.


2 Responses to “National Review Endorses Mitt”

  1. Non-RINO said

    Puke. Romney is liberal from the most liberal state in the union where he raised taxes, expanded government and pushed a Hillarycare clone.

    Goodbye, National Rino.

  2. TRMarchesano said

    I am curious as to the thoughts any of the candidates have regarding Newt Gingrich as a VP choice……

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