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They Have Some Nerve

Posted by Mike on December 12, 2007

I often sound like a broken record when discussing some of She Who Must Not Be Named’s campaign strategies. As many of you know, my least favorite of these tactics is the negative attack play. This is where SWMNBN responds to an attack by an opponent or one of the few media outlets who dares to criticize her by: (1) complaining about the attack, (2) proclaiming that she would rather discuss issues like (laundry list); and (3) avoiding anything resembling a discussion on those issues, thereby hiding her socialist views. I hate that tactic and she’s never called on it.

Another strategy SWMNBN has fallen back on is another one of her family’s old standbys, projection. According to this story, the SWMNBN campaign is criticizing Barack Obama for his past drug use. This takes some nerve. Although past drug use is nothing to be proud of, most people are willing to forgive a candidate for some past indiscretions, especially when that candidate uses that past as a lesson to young people. That’s beside the point though.

What’s amusing about SWMNBN criticizing another candidate for drug use is the fact that her husband faced the same problem back in 1992. Apparently, what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the cow.

One would imagine that Obama, preferably through a surrogate, would fight back. After all, Obama may have used drugs in his past, but at least he isn’t running around the country to tell young people that he’d do it again. Unfortunately, Obama is too weak to fight back. Once again, SWMNBN will have her cake and eat it too.

AP photo

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The Iowa Debates: The Republicans

Posted by Ryan on December 12, 2007

This latest debate from Iowa (sponsored by the Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Television) focused on the issues that Iowan caucus goers want to know more about: meaning there was little Iraq and immigration in this debate, and the phrase “cut federal spending” was somehow worked into nearly every answer.

Oddly, the debate started at 2pm EST so I was able to watch the first ten minutes of the debate with my last period class!  We watched the first question being answered (something the debt as a national threat) and I wanted to elicit responses from the students on what they thought about each candidate without them knowing much to begin with.  I teach in a pretty liberal town so this would be interesting. 

The consensus was:  Giuliani spoke too much and made them uncomfortable because “he wasn’t letting the other people speak”;  Fred Thompson was on Law and Order, which was the extent of their analysis on him;  Mike Huckabee had big ears and bad teeth (did I mention how intellectual this class is?); they thought Mitt Romney both sounded great, but didn’t say anything; Tom Tancredo unfortunately spoke during announcements so they didn’t get a chance to analyze him; Duncan Hunter was very articulate and “presidential”; Ron Paul seemed edgy, nervous and kind of whiny;  John McCain looked tired but someone remembered that he has a noble story so the class acquiesced in their appreciation of him; and Alan Keyes (he’s in too?) was very well-spoken and full of energy.  

The class voted and Romney and Keyes tied for first!  We caucused like the Dems do in Iowa and Giuliani won on the second ballot, getting all the votes from the also-rans!  Of course, these students are 90% Democrat and very disinterested in anything political despite my best efforts to assign current events articles, hold discussions, and so forth.  Ultimately it came down to name recognition– NYC is 35 miles away.  What’s neat is that we’ll do the same exact thing tomorrow with the Dems at 2pm EST!  I like balance and think my students deserve it.

But onto a voting adult’s perspective of the debate.  I only saw a little bit, but I’ve been reading a lot about what I missed.  The buzz is that it was generally a dud (read the Malkin live-blogging in the link).  Fred Thompson had the zing of the day:  when Fred refused a global warming “hands show” and requested a minute to explain his position, his request was denied and the audience loved Fred’s gumption!  I guess he’s sick of this format too.  Alan Keyes… alas, great to watch, just not electable.  Then there was the same ol’ stuff:  Mitt’s style, Giuliani’s national security credentials, Huckabee’s quips (“I can’t part the Red Sea, but I believe I can part the red tape!”), etc. same ol’ same ol’.  I guess you can just watch the news tonight, pick up the two minutes that they think you should see, go online to get the real stuff you missed, and take it or leave it.  I’m glad this is the last debate before real votes get cast. 

PBS photo. 

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