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Posted by Mike on December 13, 2007

This anti-Huckabee video is really uncomfortable to watch. I actually cringed when I first saw it. Despite serious reservations however, I decided to post the video because the subject matter is important, relevant to the upcoming campaign, and something Huckabee will have to address this issue head on if he is our nominee.

May God comfort Lois Davidson.

Hat tip: Hot Air , which has a great discussion regarding context. Unfortunately, context is something that will be sorely lacking in MSM coverage of this story.


One Response to “Devastating”

  1. rightonoz said

    That’s a difficult one.

    Did Huckabee get advice that Dumond was considered reformed or just weigh in on his own? Without knowing all the facts it is unfair to lay this on Huckabee. If he did screw up without any professional advice than he has to live with the error. Let’s remember the primary purpose of jail is to protect the population, punish and where possible reform. There will always be errors – that happens whenever humans are involved.

    Personally I believe the video says more about the low ethics of those who used a grieving mother for political gain. I found it distasteful in the extreme.

    Just a little understood fact on the general crime and punishment arena. The US states with the highest violent crime rate generally are those with the most draconian sentences, and according to more than one study, significantly more RED states (Not sure of the correlation on that one other than some republican politicians are more punishment and vengeance leaning – makes a good sound bite in a climate of fear GWB). It is a reasonably consistent fact that draconian sentences seem for various reasons to build a climate of greater violence in crime, despite what the politicians may wish to say in their sound bites. If I have recalled correctly, one of the most ‘moderate’ Republicans had more success in lowering crime than all the tub thumping ones.

    Yes, I know, I’m a leftie socialist…. NOT

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