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The Iowa Debates: The Democrats

Posted by Ryan on December 13, 2007

I was really disappointed.  I missed the Democrat debate today, including having my students check out the candidates and caucus once again for the class winner.  They were looking forward to it too, but two events intervened:  the Mitchell Report coverage and the ice storm affecting New Jersey today.  Yet, when I made a quick list of the Democrat candidates for discussion instead, there was an almost instinctive hiss when I wrote She Who Must Not Be Named’s real name on the board.  My class self-identifies themselves as Democrats nearly 9 to 1!!!  I told them to go home, watch the debate themselves (since there’s not much they can do in an ice storm) and really listen to what the candidates have to say despite the prejudices.  About SWMNBN I even said, “Who knows, you may actually like what she as to say.” 

Other bloggers watched the debate and had a few things to say about it.  But really, what hasn’t been said yet in the Democrat debates?  Bush is bad, raise taxes on “the rich” and “big corporations,” SWMNBN wants to appoint a commission (I hear it’ll even be “blue ribbon!”), the frontrunners trying to out fox each other, blah, blah, blah.  I love how quickly the Dems rush to spend the people’s money with more passion than anything else, plan to ruin our national security infrastructure at home and abroad, incessantly attack someone (Dubya) who’s not even running as if he’s running, and finally ruin my health care system (one that they’ll never use since they’ll have their own hospitals and special care centers away from the unwashed riff-raff for whom they claim to speak).  Apparently, O’Bama zinged SWMNBN over an hour into the debate.  It’s nice to see someone else running on their side for a change. 

AP photo.


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