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Posted by Ryan on December 14, 2007

Rich Lowry has a great piece on why nominating Mike Huckabee would be “huckacide” for the Republican Party.  His argument is that Huckabee is the new Howard Dean, surging late and turning heads in a lackluster field.  Huckabee, Lowry says, would be a welcome Christmas present to the Dems, salivating at the opportunity to run against such an unvetted, seemingly shallow candidate, just as Republicans were rooting for Dean in 2004. 

While I’m not a Huckabee supporter in the primaries, I think Lowry makes some other good points in the article.  We really haven’t seen him get into real depth on the issues, he can sometimes come off as too churchy, and his support in the short-term seems to have a flavor-of-the-week feel to it– you know the kind that the MSM will love to tear down after he stumbles a little (like Howard Dean).  I agree with Lowry that I’m just not sold as to whether or not the obligatory one-liner guy is the right candidate for the party.


One Response to ““Huckacide””

  1. Chris said

    While I respect Huckabee’s passion, agree with his social positions and admire his weight loss, I am VERY, VERY concerned about his fiscal and economic policy. The Club for Growth clearly spells it out and I would agree with Lowry’s assessment.

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