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Forcefeeding the EU Constitution

Posted by Mike on December 15, 2007

I think I’ll break up this string of anti-Huck posts.

Gordon Brown signed the renamed EU Constitution the other day, and he is rightfully taking a lot of heat for it. The thing is, in the 2005 election, the Labour Party manifesto promised to hold a referendum before the UK would adopt the EU Constitution. The reason Brown is broke his promise is that he actually favors the Constitution, but his country does not. In fact, this Constitution is so unpopular that Brown couldn’t even bring himself to sign the document at the EU heads of state photo op. It’s quite a pickle for Tony Blair’s successor.

If he were to go through with the referendum, it would go down, and there would probably be a General Election. With the Conservatives polling higher right now than at any time since 1988, that would be mean his life-long ambition of living at 10 Downing Street would be short-lived.

I have a theory about Gordon Brown. Labour is going to lose the next election and he knows it. For this reason, I predict that he is going to hold off on calling an election for as long as he possibly can, maybe even until 2010, and simply implement the policies he supports regardless of how unpopular they are. In the mean time, Prime Minister’s Questions should continue to entertain. David Cameron has been wiping the floor with Gordon for several weeks now. Expect this to continue.

ETA: Some lefties argue that the EU Treaty isn’t the Constitution at all. Unfortunately for them, Angela Merkel was a little too candid for her own good when this idea came about.

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