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Joe Lieberman Endorses John McCain

Posted by Mike on December 16, 2007

Former Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Joe Lieberman will endorse John McCain for President tomorrow.  Under normal circumstances, winning praise from such a prominent Democrat is nothing to brag about, but these are interesting times we’re living in.  With the nation at war and most national Democrats actually trying to undermine our efforts, Lieberman’s support for the War on Terror, including its Iraq front, has earned the respect of conservatives.

Under these circumstances, getting the most important issue right can cause people to overlook many disagreements, and there are many. Lieberman is a pro-choice, big government, high taxing liberal.  He also happens to realize that the issues he holds dear are meaningless if the nation cannot protect its own security.  Conservatives appreciate this.  For this reason, McCain’s campaign should get a bump out of this.

Lieberman’s endorsement won’t clinch the nomination for McCain.  Endorsements alone can’t do that.  It will get him some favorable press coverage though, and it will remind voters of McCain’s greatest strength, his belief in the policy of peace through strength.

I wonder if the MSM will characterize Lieberman’s shift from Al Gore’s ticket in 2000 to John McCain’s campaign in 2008 as “growth”?  I won’t hold my breath.

3 Responses to “Joe Lieberman Endorses John McCain”

  1. Vince said

    It is hardly growth. Lieberman is still smarting from the punishment he convincingly escaped in 2006 from the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is no longer the party he was aligned with decades ago. He has said he is a member of the old Democratic party of Truman, Humphrey and Kennedy. That is because this senator is a Jew and also a Zionist. Those democrats of old were largely responsible to their support in the establishment of Israel. Lieberman sees any conciliation with Muslims and Middle Eastern countries as a danger to the state of Israel. This ill-concieved war in Iraq helps Israel pure and simple to continue the rationale of remaining defensive and aggressive toward its neighbors. What is frightening is that Lieberman is perfectly capable of putting Israeli interests ahead of what is best for Americans and the United States as a whole. His endorsement of McCain is not surprising. What it is is vengeful, myopic and bigoted.

  2. Chris said

    Hey Vince! It’s time to be educated since your viewpoints seem kind of myopic and borderline bigoted, so here I go to make an attempt.

    Because Lieberman gets it about the United States, of course he is going to support Israel, and Vince, what is so wrong with that? Assuming you want America to win the War on Terror, don’t you think we need someone in the mideast who supports our ideology and democratic philosophy? That, my friend, would be Israel, a country formed by multilateral agreement at the UN (an organization that hates both it and America today) who has had its back against the wall and its existence challenged since its inception. They have had the backbone to fight for their existence at all costs (Arab-Israeli War, Six-Day War, Osarikand, etc) I applaud them for it. Of course there should be a strong Israel otherwise the Arabic Nations who attacked it would have pushed her and her people into the sea. And let me remind you also, Vince, that Israel is much more fiscally healthy than any of the Arabic dictatorships that, for the most part, don’t mind that they have a majority poor population…it’s a great way to fuel the anti-Israel fires in those countries. Only a head-in-the-sand liberal or someone who is anti-Israel would be attacking it and its existance (after hearing the keyword “Zionist” bantered about in the same way anti-semetic libs use the phrase “Neo-Con” as their ‘keyword,’ I’d guess your the latter…I hope that I’m wrong).

    Joe Lieberman’s stance on military issues, foreign policy and the War on Terror has been brave, forthright and has cost him many friends on his side of the aisle. Despite those consquenses, as well as his challenge by little liberal Neddy, he has spoken his mind and shown that he is bigger than politics. He may be Jewish, he may want to protect his religious homeland, but I think it is an insult to him to call him anti-American because he supports Israel…it’s flat out insulting and denegrating to the man. Let’s give you another reason, Vince, that transcends politics…his wife Hadassah is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. The family lineage acts as evidence that a strong Israel and a strong Jewish state is necessary and beacause America and Israel are allies and brothers in Arms.

    And dare I forget, Vince, your comment of the “ill-conceived war” in Iraq. That madman murderer who ran Iraq is dead and its people free. What the head-in-the-sand libs also like to forget about (their reporting or lack thereof has been consistent with this belief) is that Patraeus and the surge has been quite effective and Iraq is beginning to show signs of life and success. A non-Saddam Iraq will also be good for Israel and the United States.

    Joe Lieberman’s support of John McCain is not a surprise as they are both ‘mavericks’ withtin their respective parties and they agree on many issues. Of course the Drivebys are going to attack Lieberman for this in the same fashion you are, but after a rough 2006, I’m sure he’s ready for it and will overcome.

    McCain (aka Smiegol) may get a bump from this, but he’s as good as done.

  3. Mike said

    Exactly right Chris. Not that liberals have much credibility to begin with, but the moment the word “Zionist” leaves a liberal’s mouth is the moment they have lost the argument. Kind of like “corporations,” “Haliburton,” “big (insert the name of a job-creating industry),” or “we support the troops, but.”

    Then again, Vince’s comment is more along the lines of an unsupproted assertion than an argument so never mind.

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