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“Likability” and She Who Doesn’t Have it

Posted by Ryan on December 17, 2007

If a candidate has to use valuable campaign time to convince people that they are “likable,” then they have a real problem.  She Who Must Not Be Named has sent her husband (I use the term loosely) and others to campaign, not on the issues and the campaign’s message, but rather that she is a likable person who has helped people.  They are even dragging out a story of a six-year-old constituent who was victim of an incurable brain disease who SWMNBN comforted at one point six years ago.  Is she running for Jesus, I’m not sure?

The problem with SWMNBN is that she is not likable and it’s pretty obvious.  All you have to do is watch her give a speech:  she seems to be trying too hard, kind of like smiling isn’t a natural thing for her.  Also, like Dubya, she is a very divisive figure.  You love her or hate her, there’s no middle ground.  Mitt, Fred, O’Bama, and Huckabee have no problem with likability: they are all nice guys, even if you disagree with their policy decisions. 

“Likability” is important in politics because we want to trust our leaders and make some kind of connection with them.  Since we’re going to see our President on TV every night for four years in a position of power, we want to be sure that that person is one that we personally like in addition to their policies.  SWMNBN is not such a person.  The idea that she’s having a tough job selling her likability to the people of Iowa, who have seen her more closely than any other primary or caucus group, should be a signal that something’s fundamentally wrong. 

AP photo.


2 Responses to ““Likability” and She Who Doesn’t Have it”

  1. Mike said

    Who loves her?

  2. Ryan said

    According to the polls and some anecdotes, there are actually people in New Jersey who worship this woman. I’ve never met them, but I heard they exist.

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