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Learning Through Experience

Posted by Mike on December 20, 2007

Reading George Will’s latest column, which actually discusses the details concerning She Who Must Not Be Named’s limited experience, makes it obvious that candidate has not learned anything from her past mistakes. The real issue next year (or in a couple of weeks), whether we’re discussing SWMNBN’s experience in selecting a competent Attorney General or her experience in attempting to nationalize health care, is whether the American people have learned anything from her experience. Judging from her performance over the last couple of weeks, I think we have.

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One Response to “Learning Through Experience”

  1. Ryan said

    The Will article is absolutely scathing to both She Who Must ot Be Named and Mike Huckabee. I can see both of their Nixonian tendencies, but more so with her. She seems overly ambitious and her campaign prides itself with trying to inject a sense of inevitability. Huckabee’s not a very good Republican. I’m sure he’s an observant Christian and fun at dinner parties, but as Will points out: we tried his brand of Republicanism in the 1970s and got trounced.

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