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Report Makes Algore Look Green

Posted by Ryan on December 21, 2007

Global warming is taking place.  It’s slow, unsteady, and unpredictable, but it is measurable. 

However, what impact have humans have on this warming? 

That’s the zillion dollar question.  A recent US Senate Report sponsored by the GOP lists and references 400 scientists that tell of a story that is quite different than the Leftist “consensus” that industrial nations, SUVs, and “deniers” are destroying the planet.

Algore’s people responded to this ground-shaking development by picking on a few of the cited scientist’s connection to oil companies. 

Wow.  Is that all they got?  Seems pretty weak if all they can do is attack a few of the 400 scientists on the same panel Algore views as a monolithic endorsement of his ideology.  What about the substance of the information put forth?  This is science: hypothesize, study, measure, and report.  

Hat tip: Drudge.


3 Responses to “Report Makes Algore Look Green”

  1. Layer Seven said

    Over the last 10 years, global warming has been almost non-existent (not measureable). At the same time, carbon dioxide has continued to increase in the atmosphere, and this is quite measureable. The solar cycle and condition, as always, dominates in controlling climate (in the absence of nearby stellar disaster). Should solar activity fail to resume its recent zenith, Al Gore may find a new axe to grind: another Little Ice Age. He and the United Nations can trot out anthropogenic aerosol sulfates (again). However, I will not believe him.

  2. Ryan said

    I have heard the things that you have written about from various sources. Global warming “deniers” seem to be the open-minded ones in this debate. I’ve also heard and read reports that climate-change patterns have been taking place on Mars, Jupiter and Neptune more over the last 15 years than previously noticed. I guess American industry and the insidious SUV can cause climate change on Mars too!

  3. Chris said

    That’s some gaul on Algore…let us not foget his own oil connection to Occidental. Add another one to Algore’s lists of double standards and hypocrasies.

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