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A Global Warming Christmas

Posted by Ryan on December 24, 2007

Great Barrington, Massachusetts, was recently the target of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly because of the town’s decision to turn off the Christmas lights at 10pm to cut global warming emissions.  Every year the battle resumes: making Christmas a Christian holiday rather than a secular one.  One can’t blame Christians for this reaction: it is their holiday, 8 of 10 Americans are Christian, and culturally it’s been celebrated in Western Civilization for millennia.  Even some people from in Great Barrington have a problem with the secularization of Christmas (you know the whole semantic “holiday” versus “Christmas” thing), not seeing why this whole issue is even a big deal.

But I applaud O’Reilly and others who take the extremists to task.  A few hundred LEDs are not going to destroy the ozone layer, poison dolphins or suffocate mankind, and I completely agree that this kind of lunacy, perpetrated by public officials, should be brought to the general public’s attention.  Alarmism plus Christmas should equal media attention. 

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