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CNN Lives Up To Its Acronym

Posted by Mike on December 26, 2007

The Drudge headline is currently touting an ARG poll which shows She Who Must Not Be Named leading Barack Obama by 15 points. As someone who still thinks the Democrat primary will be nothing but the witch’s coronation, I can say that we should not believe this for one second. Call the last few weeks of CNN reporting bad news for SWMNBN a cover in their attempt to appear objective.  Call it shopping around. Call it whatever you want, but it is now obvious that the Cl-nt-n News Network is coming home.

CNN’s M.O. for years has been to trumpet misleading polls to create a false sense of inevitability for their favorite family. In 1996, the network routinely cited polls showing the 42nd President leading Bob Dole by 15 to 20 points. The impeached one won that race by 8.  As they did then, CNN is now citing inflated poll numbers for their favorite candidate in order to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They are predictably falling into line.

SWMNBN will probably win Iowa. She will most likely be coronated as the nominee. But she is not currently leading Iowa by 15 points. No way in Chappaqua.

AP photo

UPDATE: The Real Clear Politics average, which for some reason includes this bogus survey, is probably a more accurate snapshot of where they are.

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Union Leader Gets Romney-McCain Story Half Right

Posted by Mike on December 26, 2007

The Union Leader has an interesting piece on why Mitt Romney has been losing ground to John McCain in New Hampshire. According to the UL, Romney “lacks something John McCain has in spades: conviction.”  I think that’s only half right.

If voters were to judge the candidates solely by what they’ve said during the campaign, Romney would probably be light years ahead.  He has mastered the correct language on taxes, immigration, and abortion.  On the abortion issue, Romney even realizes that stem cells are part of the debate.  The trouble is, Romney’s past statements, especially on immigration and abortion, do not match his current positions.  That is half of Romney’s problem, which the UL noticed.

The half of the story the UL misses is that liberals can vote in the New Hampshire Republican primary.  Under NH law, Republicans and independents are allowed to vote in the GOP primary.  Left-leaning independents, who have no problem with opposing the Bush tax cuts, supporting the Gang of 14, and opposing the First Amendment  are also a factor in the NH primary.

Still not a bad article though.

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Grading President Bush in 2007

Posted by Ryan on December 26, 2007

The constant liberal media and Democrat attacks on President Bush over the last few years have done permanent damage to how we, as Americans, view our 43rd President.  Most people I know don’t even know why they hate Bush, they just do.  Bush’s persistent problem has always been his poor articulation of vision and lacking the stick-to-it-ivness that is necessary in bringing the American people on board for any Presidential initiative (ie Iraq).  So, here’s the teacher in me giving the president a grade for his performance this year:

For 2007 I give Bush a C-.  In fact, for most of his Administration, the grade remains the same.  To me, this year was balanced between the great and the poor on the three big issues this year: the war, illegal aliens, and the economy. 

  • The Surge was great: A+, he listened to advisers and the electorate and implemented and continued to support a winning strategy that may have turned the tide in Iraq for good.  Great work!
  • Illegal alien amnesty: F, he ignored the wishes of his base and Independents (then insulted his base for being out of touch), and he ignored the whole national security aspect of illegal aliens.  Rewrite and resubmit!
  • The economy:  C, he tried helping the credit crunch that his Administration let hang for six years, claiming all this new home ownership, with none of the security of past eras in the minds of the public.  Yet, he fought back the Democrats in Congress who wanted to raise our taxes, socialize everything, and increase ear-marks a ridiculous amount.  Meh… so-so. 

However, Bush has had other successes that the Republicans running for President need to take advantage of: the economy is still pretty good, but should still be safeguarded, not socialized; the Iraq War has turned a corner and those who’ve supported it during the dark times will look more Presidential and strong; and one must want to secure the borders and harm businesses that hire illegals, the polls have born that out all year.  Essentially, the lessons of Bush can help the Republicans buck historical trends and keep the White House next year if they play their cards right.

White House pic. 

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