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Union Leader Gets Romney-McCain Story Half Right

Posted by Mike on December 26, 2007

The Union Leader has an interesting piece on why Mitt Romney has been losing ground to John McCain in New Hampshire. According to the UL, Romney “lacks something John McCain has in spades: conviction.”  I think that’s only half right.

If voters were to judge the candidates solely by what they’ve said during the campaign, Romney would probably be light years ahead.  He has mastered the correct language on taxes, immigration, and abortion.  On the abortion issue, Romney even realizes that stem cells are part of the debate.  The trouble is, Romney’s past statements, especially on immigration and abortion, do not match his current positions.  That is half of Romney’s problem, which the UL noticed.

The half of the story the UL misses is that liberals can vote in the New Hampshire Republican primary.  Under NH law, Republicans and independents are allowed to vote in the GOP primary.  Left-leaning independents, who have no problem with opposing the Bush tax cuts, supporting the Gang of 14, and opposing the First Amendment  are also a factor in the NH primary.

Still not a bad article though.


One Response to “Union Leader Gets Romney-McCain Story Half Right”

  1. wickle said

    To be fair, I think that sincerity is a lot more than half of the story, and left-leaning independents are a lot less than half …

    Gov. Romney comes across as very much what he is — a slick, polished salesman. The problem is that in NH, we don’t like slick, polished politicians that much. Especially not ones from MA, whom we’ve been able to watch for some time. Romney has his supporters, and he’s certainly strong in NH.

    But to attribute much of his trouble to liberal infiltration of the primary is probably a bit too generous. His real problem is that many of us have known his name since his Senate run against Kennedy. We saw his gubernatorial run and tenure.

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