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Peggy Noonan’s Plea

Posted by Mike on December 29, 2007

Every four years, Peggy Noonan implores the parties holding Presidential primaries to simply nominate a normal person.  Her quadrennial plea is often amusing, and usually close to right.  Like most normal informed Americans, Noonan prefers a Republican President, but she does have some kind words about some Democrats with whom she disagrees.

I don’t agree with all of Peggy’s opinions in this year’s plea, but I do appreciate her take on John Edwards and She Who Must Not Be Named.  It’s one thing to be wrong on the issues as all of this year’s Democrats are, but it is quite another to couple a misguided worldview with loathsome personal qualities.  On the Democrat side, those personal qualities might be an asset though.  We’ll know soon.

One Response to “Peggy Noonan’s Plea”

  1. Ryan said

    I don’t think Biden, Dodd or Richardson are “reasonable” as Peggy does. Any “soak the rich” kind of liberal dribble is harmful to the economy, our spirits, and capitalism itself.

    Because of nature, this election is the last stand for the 1960s New Left crazies to implement their agenda. Their open, honest liberal dribble failed with historic proportions in 1972 and 1984, but time is running out on these old failed policies. Soon the older Xers will be running things as the old hippies drift away into retirement. 2008 is their last chance: weak incumbant party, unpopular war, celebrity culture, trends in voter apathy all combine to a potential for a SWMNBN tornado into office.

    The leftist part of the Boom Generation owns the NEA and has been indoctrinating our children in leftist nonsense for decades. They love the courts because judicial dictate is easier than relying on “uninformed” votes from the plebes. Now they want to seal the deal with She Who Must Not Be Named and her socialist agenda. Middle class tax cuts, but universal health care paid for on the backs of busniess… who will then not be as productive, will not invest as much, and will need to lay people off, which reduces the tax rolls while increasing the welfare rolls. We’ve been here before: sounds a lot like FDR, and what a bang up job he did getting us out of the Depression– without a Japanese attack, FDR’s place in history would be quite dubious.

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