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Perfect Patriots

Posted by Ryan on December 30, 2007


Until now it’s never been done in NFL regular season history, but it became a reality Saturday night as the New England Patriots defeated the New York Giants 38-35 in probably the most exciting “meaningless” game I’ve ever seen.  Both teams had their playoff seeds locked up, but they both played their starters for the whole game and gave it their all.  The Pats were down by 12 (16-28) in the second half, then scored 22 unanswered points (making it 38-28) to bury the Giants in dramatic, come-from-behind fashion.  The Giants scored a late touchdown, but lost the onside kick try.  The Pats knelt on the ball to run out the clock and run into NFL history:

  • First 16-0 regular season ever; fourth undefeated season in NFL history
  • Most TD passes for a quarterback in a single season (50 by Tom Brady)
  • Most TD receptions for a wide receiver in a single season (23 by Randy Moss)
  • Most points scored by a team in a single season (589 points)
  • Most touchdowns scored in a single season (75)
  • Most consecutive regular season wins (19 in a row from last season)

So what now?  A bye-week and potentially two home playoff games before a prospective Super Bowl.  Many believe that if they don’t win the whole thing, then the season isn’t complete or as awesome.  Maybe.  I feel that they must win their last three playoff games to make the 2007 Patriots a team for the ages.  Plus, all teams aim for winning the Super Bowl, even those that didn’t win all their games.  So, they’ve reached the first plateau, but the climb isn’t finished yet.  For now, however, I’m quite pleased (the Giants fans at work would have nagged me for years if the Pats lost!).

NFL promotion photo.


5 Responses to “Perfect Patriots”

  1. Vida Blue said



    ESPN-Disney fraud

    steroids and fixed results

  2. Chris said

    Coming from a Giants fan, the Pats won fair and square…a very exciting game. I didn’t think they were going to roll over and let the Patriots win and it’s nice to see ESPN and the sports media have to eat their words today.

    The record of 16-0 is quite an achivement and I have a feeling ‘*’ may be overlooked (not by the 1972 Dolphins though) by many. The pressure is on for the playoffs and I think to surpass the ’72 Dolphins, they need to win the Super Bowl. They will probably do a lot better than the Giants in the playoffs (they’ll be lucky if they get past Tampa Bay…I really hope to be wrong, but I’m not going to wait with baited breath).

  3. Mike said

    Undefeated? Yes. Perfect? No way. This team will always be remembered as the team who cheated en route to the undefeated NFL (or is that new-NBA?) regular season.

    This site presents good arguments on both sides of the debate over whether the Cheaters should have an asterisk near their record.


    By Sam Evans, Associated Press Writer

    The numbers are in and the preliminary ratings indicate the 29 December 2007 game between the Patriots and Giants was the most watched broadcast in U.S. television history.

    Up to this point, the most watched program in U.S. television history was the M*A*S*H series finale: “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” which aired in 50.15 million households on 28 February, 1983 with a 77% share of the entire viewing audience. The M*A*S*H broadcast had 105.9 million total viewers. Since 2000, the most watched program was Super Bowl XLI Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears), which had 93.1 million million viewers on 4 February, 2007 .

    Overnight ratings of the Patriots-Giants game show 53.2 million households watched the game. In addition, Nielsen Media Research is reporting overnight viewers totaled more than 107.3 million on the three networks broadcasting the game (NFL Network, NBC, CBS) and an 83% share of the total television viewing audience.

    After weeks of insisting they wouldn’t cave in, NFL officials did just that Wednesday. As a result, all of America saw the Patriots’ make history. Saturday night’s game between New England and the New York Giants on the NFL Network, was also simulcast nationwide on CBS and NBC. It was the first time in NFL history the same game was broadcast on three separate networks at the same time.

  5. Charles Van Doren said

    NFL = WWE


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