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Happy New Year To All. . . Well, Almost All

Posted by Mike on December 31, 2007

My final post of 2007 concerns an article in the UK’s Independent article by Bruce Anderson, a man who apparently owns the same crystal ball I do (not that it’s a particularly good crystal ball, but it has been known to work on occasion). Anderson’s prediction, identical to mine, for the 2008 Presidential election is that Mitt Romney will defeat She Who Must Not Be Named. The sentiments of the reasoning underlying his prediction should be familiar to we American conservatives, but the money quote is one in a million:

[SWMNBN] is charmless. She was always cold, egotistical and ruthless, but her good qualities have receded with age, and with marriage. When a feminist is harnessed to a philanderer, we should not expect a well-tempered feminist. The end product is a stainless-steel Dresden dominatrix, a blend of ice and ambition, a woman whose hunger for office and power makes Gordon Brown seem like Cincinnatus.

Amen mate. The witch must lose. Happy New Year to all the conservatives who read this site, and I mean that this year more than ever.

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