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Mike’s Endorsement: Fred Thompson

Posted by Mike on January 2, 2008

I had a feeling the Axis of Right would be divided during the primary and so we are. Oh well. I am proud to say that I support Fred Thompson for President of the United States.

The first thing I looked for when making my decision was the candidate whose worldview was closest to my own. This was difficult at first because most of the Republican candidates came out for most of the correct positions most of the time. However, after examining their records, and just as importantly, the reasoning behind the candidates’ policy pronouncements, it became crystal clear to me that Fred Thompson is the most consistently conservative of the viable candidates. Conservatism is instinct to Fred Thompson. This distinguishes him from the field.

Fred Thompson possesses a well-formed conservative philosophy and has the ability to apply that conservative philosophy to the issues of the day. On judges, his belief in judicial restraint and federalism gives him the instinct to support constitutionalist Justices. On spending, his philosophy that the government is incapable of solving everyday problems gives him the instinct to show fiscal restraint. On taxes, his belief in the talent and abilities of the American people gives him the instinct to support lower rates. On foreign policy, his philosophy that peace comes through strength gives him the instinct to support a strong military and the nerve to stand up for American security when threatened. Fred Thompson displayed these instincts as a U.S. Senator for eight years and this should come as no surprise. When the philosophy is solid, the right decisions fall into place.

Thompson’s conservative philosophy should reassure Republicans because it is well-grounded, not based on polls or solely on what other Republicans are thinking. Unlike Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson will not adopt a policy position based on what he thinks a certain constituency wants to hear. Unlike John McCain, Fred Thompson will not adopt a policy position based on what the New York Times will fawn over. Fred Thompson’s decisions as President will be based on the principles of American strength, limited government, judicial restraint, and federalism. The only way to ensure conservative decision-making in the White House is to nominate a candidate who does now and always has possessed the philosophy from which our policy positions flow. That candidate is Fred Thompson.

Like Ryan, I had some reasons for not supporting certain candidates.

  • Mitt Romney, my second choice, has been gaffe-prone (Gore-like stories of MLK marches and duck hunting come to mind) and too inconsistent, electing him will be a gamble;
  • Rudy Giuliani is pro-abortion liberal, legalized murder just isn’t my cup of tea;
  • John McCain has flipped conservatives the bird for years, now it’s our turn;
  • Mike Huckabee, at one point in his career, actually begged his state legislature for a tax increase;
  • Ron Paul probably would consider Neville Chamberlain’s corpse as a running mate; and,
  • Duncan Hunter would make a phenomenal Vice President but just isn’t viable.

Fred Thompson is electable and is the most conservative viable candidate in the race. His authoritative presence will be a useful foil to She Who Must Not Be Named, and he will almost always do the right thing if elected. Fred Thompson would be a fantastic President.

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2 Responses to “Mike’s Endorsement: Fred Thompson”

  1. TRM said

    Good stuff, I tracked back to this article…

  2. D=S said


    By: David Limbaugh
    It’s time to step up, Fred.
    Conservatives need a leader about whom we have no major reservations. The only one looming out there about you is your failure, so far, to persuade voters you want the job.
    All of the GOP candidates …

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