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Who Do Liberals See As Liberal?

Posted by Mike on January 3, 2008

Earlier tonight, CNN’s Bill Schneider made the asinine claim that Democrat voters in Iowa were mostly “moderate and that the Republican voters in Iowa were “very conservative.”   What was his source?  Entrance polls in which Democrats described themselves as moderate and Republicans admitted they were conservative.  Somehow it never even occurred to Schneider that liberals rarely admit the fact that they are liberal.  Then again, he never has either.


One Response to “Who Do Liberals See As Liberal?”

  1. Chris said

    It’s very telling that liberals love to run from that label. Almost like they have something to hide…and the drive-bys continue to enable the mirage to occur. When you Lexis-Nexis the phrase “Liberal Democrat” and “Conservative Republican,” you will inherently come up with more hits for “Conservative Republican.” Further backs up the liberal bias in the mainstremam media and their transparent attempts to prop up their own.

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