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It’s Only Iowa

Posted by Mike on January 4, 2008

The Great One nailed it.

ETA:  At the time I posted this, I did not realize how easily the title could be misinterpreted as a swipe at the state of Iowa.  My intention was to point out that Iowa is merely the first of many primaries and caucuses to be held.  I love the heartland and have nothing against the state of Iowa.  Sorry for the confusion I caused.

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The Iowa Hangover

Posted by Ryan on January 4, 2008

She Who Must Not Be Named is in tough shape today:  she lost to a political novice in Barack O’Bama and Polly Prissy Pants himself, John Edwards.  SWMNBN also did not even poll as well as O’Bama with women caucus goers by 5 percentage points!  I know it’s just Iowa.  I know it’s a 50 state marathon, not a one state sprint, but as everyone is reporting today, the “aura of inevitability” is gone.  Phew!  However, her husband’s trusty attack machine will be in full force trying to smear O’Bama using the lowest common denominator and making the nation relive the shear multitude of sleaze we had to endure while her husband was in office. 

Joe Biden and Chris Dodd both dropped out last night too, finally embracing their “also-ran” status with poise and class. 

On Huckabee’s win:  I am not a fan of Huckabee, as is well documented, so I’m displeased that he won– it only gives him encouragement and muddies the water for the more truly conservative candidates.  Today, Rush warned conservatives about not being tricked by populist ploys.  Too many policy positions being taken from one’s emotions can easily lead to a sense of victimhood, which is a losing stance for conservatives, who pride themselves on being strong and rational on the issues.  Although Rush will still not go this far, I’ll say that Huckabee is a populist and that this is a poor direction for the party. 

You can’t out-emotion someone on an issue.  Emotional people tend to vote liberal and don’t mind tax increases if there is the impression (false or real) that they are being “nice” and “helping people.”  Republicans will never win the poor-me victim debate with a Democrat, especially against O’Bama or SWMNBN. 

But, it is still early.  Let’s go Mitt, even Ronald Reagan lost Iowa in 1980, so buck up!

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