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It’s Only Iowa

Posted by Mike on January 4, 2008

The Great One nailed it.

ETA:  At the time I posted this, I did not realize how easily the title could be misinterpreted as a swipe at the state of Iowa.  My intention was to point out that Iowa is merely the first of many primaries and caucuses to be held.  I love the heartland and have nothing against the state of Iowa.  Sorry for the confusion I caused.


5 Responses to “It’s Only Iowa”

  1. wickle said

    Yes, after all, Iowa is just flyover country, right?

    You know what’s funny? Two days ago, Hannity was talking about how Clinton was trying to lower expectations for Iowa and say that it’s not that important. Now, it’s being done by Republicans who didn’t like the results.

  2. Chris said

    Something that the Drive-bys (and those not well versed on politics also) forget to note is that each state has a different primary system. In the US, there are 21 states that have closed primaries where only registered party members are eligible to vote in their respective primaries. The majority are open primary systems where anybody can vote and voting is not restricted to one’s party status. Huckabee will have a hard time winning in closed primary systems especially when voters are reminded of his economic policy .

    With New Hampshire coming up, just a reminder that they are an open primary system and trend more liberal, therefore, a candidate like Huckabee or McCain will have a better chance as a result of both factors. If he can keep up the momentum, then watch out, but I concur with the Great One…he will not be the next candidate.

  3. Ryan said

    Iowa does not reflect the complete sensibilities of either national party in total. 60% of the Republican vote is not evangelical nationwide, or will every state get the same amount of attention by the candidates as Iowa does.

    While Iowa is important in the momentum game, it is not a death knell for candidates who did not do so well in Iowa. Also, it’s not a winner-take-all system in Iowa: Huckabee received 17 delegates to Romney’s 12, etc. Does anyone think that Giuliani is truly a 4% candidate nationwide? He’s the only Republican even on the ballot in RI, and polls a majority amongst New Jersey Republican primary voters, just to cite two instances.

    Republicans who don’t like the results have a right to be upset– it will make them campaign harder to get their candidates viable and in this race as long as possible. Today, Huckabee is polling 12% in New Hampshire, behind McCain at 32% and Romney at 30%. It’s a 50-state contest and Republicans unhappy with the results need to stand up or sit down, not give up or be fatalistic.

  4. Mike said

    Good catch Wickle. That’s not how I intended the title of this post to come across. By “It’s Only Iowa”, I was referring to the fact that it was only the first of many primaries/caucuses. I did not intend to belittle Middle America. I loved Middle America when I lived there and always viewed the heartland as the pride of our nation. I’ll be more careful next time.

  5. wickle said

    Sorry, I misread it, then. I read this after a bunch of genuinely insulting comments toward Iowa and Iowans, and read it in that context. Looking at it again, yes, it is only Iowa, not the whole country. Gotcha. I took it as more insulting to Iowans than you intended.

    I’ll clarify that on my own blog, as well.

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