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New Hampshire Debates Tonight

Posted by Ryan on January 5, 2008

Chalk one up to bad planning!  Both the Democrats and the Republicans are having a debate tonight, at St. Anselm College outside Manchester, New Hampshire.  The Republicans go first at 7pm then the Dems square off at 8:30pm, on the same exact stage (I wonder which Dem is more likely to pull a Hugo Chavez and make a comment about the smell of sulfur). 

So, what’s the big deal? 

#1:  It’s Saturday night.  

#2:  An NFC and AFC Wildcard playoff game will be played tonight, one starting at 4:30pm (Redskins at Seahawks) and the other at 8pm (Jaguars at Steelers).  Both games should be awesome:  the Redskins might have the heart to pull an upset, and the Jags are tougher, have a better record, and are healthier than the favored Steelers.

To which my response is: What the heck!?!  I really want to watch how Mitt and She Who Must Not Be Named respond to their losses on Thursday.  However, New Hampshire is going to make me choose between playoff football and this debate.  Am I already getting disenchanted with the 2008 Election?  Hope not.


2 Responses to “New Hampshire Debates Tonight”

  1. Mike said

    Good news for She Who Must Not Be Named. She always does better when people don’t pay any attention to her. I’m not sure if people won’t care though. They take this very seriously in New Hampshire, and it’s not as if the Cheaters are playing.

  2. wickle said

    In my circles, most people would probably go with the debate. You’re right, the timing is certainly not ideal, but there is a relatively-narrow window of opportunity to do this. I suspect that a lot of the candidates would only be willing to give up so much time.

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