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Watching Dixville Notch

Posted by Mike on January 7, 2008

With a town population about the size of a nightly MBNBC audience, Dixville Notch, New Hampshire is a place where the entire town votes at midnight. This allows them to report their results shortly after midnight, making them the first piece of real news from the New Hampshire primary. I always look forward to the Dixville Notch results.

With so few voters, Dixville Notch is not going to make or break anyone’s Granite State dreams. Some pundits trying to ruin the fun even point out that Dixville Notch winners do not usually win the New Hampshire primary. They point out that George W. Bush won Dixville Notch but lost New Hampshire in 2000. Ditto for Bob Dole in 1996. Ditto for Bill Clinton in 1992. What they miss is what you just didn’t. Dixville Notch partisans are more in tune with those across the country than New Hampshire partisans are. Dixville Notch is quaint. It is tradition. If you’re a political junkie and awake after midnight, check up on them here.

UPDATE: John McCain wins Dixville Notch, a bad omen for New Hampshire, good omen for the nomination. Obama wins for the Democrats, She Who Must Not Be Named gets zero votes.

UPDATE 2:  Michelle Malkin has all the details.  Well, as many details as one can have when there are only 17 votes.

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Weepy in New Hampshire

Posted by Ryan on January 7, 2008

This is too easy.

She Who Must Not Be Named choked up after taking a question from an obvious New Hampshire shill (and free-lance photographer by the way) aware of the other cameras who asked, “How do you keep so upbeat and wonderful?” 

Choking up for God’s sake! 

I don’t know where to begin:  the ridiculousness of the question, the poor attempt at real emotion for the cameras, the attempt to get sympathy votes by playing the “woman” card, the excuse of “I’m tired” which she will mention once this obviously gets picked up by her opponent’s 527 front group either now or in the general, the contrived nature of everything this woman does, etc.!

I’m not knocking her because she’s a woman, but she has played to stereotypes in order to get sympathy before.  She started her political career by being the “victim-in-chief” back in 2000, she even drags the Perp (her husband) around everywhere she campaigns, and once a few polls show her slipping, she is reduced to almost faking tears on the campaign trail! 

And she wants to be our President?  Essentially choking up over the question: why are you so awesome?  What’s she going to do if al Qaeda attacks?  Cry?  The Dems can’t even handle Fox News, now it seems SWMNBN can hardly handle the New Hampshire primary! 

How are they going beating us again?

Pic from See Jane Mom blog.

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