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Weepy in New Hampshire

Posted by Ryan on January 7, 2008

This is too easy.

She Who Must Not Be Named choked up after taking a question from an obvious New Hampshire shill (and free-lance photographer by the way) aware of the other cameras who asked, “How do you keep so upbeat and wonderful?” 

Choking up for God’s sake! 

I don’t know where to begin:  the ridiculousness of the question, the poor attempt at real emotion for the cameras, the attempt to get sympathy votes by playing the “woman” card, the excuse of “I’m tired” which she will mention once this obviously gets picked up by her opponent’s 527 front group either now or in the general, the contrived nature of everything this woman does, etc.!

I’m not knocking her because she’s a woman, but she has played to stereotypes in order to get sympathy before.  She started her political career by being the “victim-in-chief” back in 2000, she even drags the Perp (her husband) around everywhere she campaigns, and once a few polls show her slipping, she is reduced to almost faking tears on the campaign trail! 

And she wants to be our President?  Essentially choking up over the question: why are you so awesome?  What’s she going to do if al Qaeda attacks?  Cry?  The Dems can’t even handle Fox News, now it seems SWMNBN can hardly handle the New Hampshire primary! 

How are they going beating us again?

Pic from See Jane Mom blog.


6 Responses to “Weepy in New Hampshire”

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  2. Chris said

    Liberals playing the victim card…nothing new in that.

    But remember…our enemies are watching this.

  3. Mike said

    She Who Must Not Be Named is a total fraud. The only emotion we have ever seen from this witch since the early 1980s is anger. Throughout the campaign, she has been encouraged to show her human side. Proving this task to be impossible, she has now resorted to crocodile tears. It is simply pathetic.

    There is a slight possibility that I’m misreading this of course (maybe about a one percent chance), but if I am wrong than today’s tears are an even poorer reflection on her than I think. If these tears were real, then she has just proven that after thirty five years of dishing it out to those who oppose her, she is simply unable to take it.

  4. Ryan said

    She Who Must Not Be Named’s psycho-drama continues.

    Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that the almost-tears were almost real. What evoked them? Not talk of health care, the war or policy issues, or a question about her family. Rather, “how do you keep so upbeat and wonderful?” Maybe she doesn’t get any real emotional support from people in her life. Maybe people close to her are just as callous as she is and that occasionally a semblance of emotion comes out, even when evoked from a stranger in a public forum, the day before a huge primary…

    …or maybe not.

    That whole family needs a good therapist, not a seat in the Oval Office. I still think that the tears were contrived and part of the political gamesmanship of what Mike mentioned as showing her “human side” to the public.

  5. Chris said

    Building on Ryan’s point of what made SWMNBN “cry,” it’s just another example of how the Clintons are in it for themselves. Romney cried out of happiness when discrimination ended in his church…nothing wrong there; George W. Bush cried with families who lost their loved ones in Iraq…nothing wrong there with mourning a family’s loss…George HW Bush cried at Ronald Reagan’s funeral…mourning the loss of the greatest President the US has seen in the 20th century who was responsible for his victory in 1988. To sum it up, there was a bigger issue at hand that triggered the emotions…but SWMNBN??? Herself. Loathing in self-pity, she continues to play the victim card that she has done so well over the years whether as had been done in her marriage, her 2000 Senatorial Campaign and her public life. Apparently, her husband has the same self-centered narcissistic practices. In a recent speech the Impeached One was supposed to be making for his wife, he used the word “I” 49 times! No surprise there.

  6. Mike said

    Well, she “hardly handled” the New Hampshire primary, but she handled it. Where does her broom touch down next?

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