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John McCain Defeats Mitt Romney in New Hampshire

Posted by Mike on January 8, 2008

John McCain has won his second consecutive New Hampshire primary, comfortably defeating Mitt Romney. As a result, some in the media are now rushing to call McCain the Republican frontrunner. Poppycock. The GOP has no frontrunner, but the dynamics of the race have indeed changed.

Our party had a frontrunner at one time, but he was defeated in what was, in effect, the earliest primary ever held. I’m talking about the 2006 Virginia Senate race in which Jim Webb defeated George Allen. Way back then, Allen was the only viable candidate who appealed to the three main factions of the Republican Party (fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and foreign policy conservatives). With Allen’s political career prematurely terminated, Republicans were left without an obvious frontrunner and many of its voters, myself included, were left in undecided limbo.

When the race began, Mitt Romney was the moderate Governor of Massachusetts whose national poll numbers were in the low single digits, but he had a plan. Realizing that our party had no frontrunner and that each candidate would have to pick and choose states in which to fight their battles, Romney wisely chose to invest his time and resources in Iowa and New Hampshire. As the campaign progressed, he shifted his tone if not his positions on some issues in an attempt to appeal to all three of the Republican Party’s factions. This strategy was somewhat successful. Although his national numbers were not that high until very recently, he became the frontrunner in both Iowa and New Hampshire. He chose his battlegrounds.

Unfortunately for Romney, other candidates who were not true national frontrunners also chose their battlegrounds. Mike Huckabee chose Iowa. John McCain chose New Hampshire. Fred Thompson chose South Carolina. Rudy Giuliani chose Florida. Thompson and Giuliani still have winnable battlegrounds left to fight. Huckabee and now McCain are in even better shape, having won their chosen battlegrounds.

Unlike these other candidates, Mitt Romney has been defeated in not one, but both of his hand-picked battlegrounds. He now risks losing his “home state” of Michigan as well. This string of defeats for Romney should cause his conservative supporters to consider the only other candidate who appeals to all three GOP factions. With Mitt Romney losing the crowned jewels of his early state strategy, with tax-hike Mike Huckabee stronger than ever, with pro-amnesty John McCain surging, with pro-choice Rudy Giuliani waiting in the wings, and with winnable South Carolina on the horizon, it is time for conservatives to come home and support one of their own. It is time to support Fred Thompson.

AP photo

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She Who Must Not Be Named Wins New Hampshire Primary

Posted by Mike on January 8, 2008

Iowa may have postponed the Democrat coronation, but New Hampshire just rescheduled it. She Who Must Not Be Named has defeated Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary, breathing new life into her campaign and increasing Republican chances for victory in November. Prepare yourself for some barferrific media coverage for days to come.

Reuters photo

UPDATE: A Democrat primary means a Democrat has to lose, which means . . . someone must have cheated . . . with the help of . . . DIEBOLD!!! (Hat tip: Hot Air)

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Danger in the Straits of Hormuz

Posted by Ryan on January 8, 2008

With the New Hampshire frenzy, I couldn’t let this one go. 

Five Iranian “fastboats” approached 3 US warships near the Straits of Hormuz, the international waters that connect the Persian Gulf with the Arabian Sea.  The provocation was blatant, deliberate and, looking at this more closely, simply weird.  Though our navy was on the verge of firing, the video indicates that with radio threats like “We are coming to you”, “You will explode soon,” while putting white boxes into the water, this story could have had a very different outcome with many dead Americans if the Iranians had other plans.  It’s a little too close for my comfort.

A note to the Iranians, however:  be on notice that we are not British– if you try that again, you will meet Allah earlier than anticipated!

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