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Danger in the Straits of Hormuz

Posted by Ryan on January 8, 2008

With the New Hampshire frenzy, I couldn’t let this one go. 

Five Iranian “fastboats” approached 3 US warships near the Straits of Hormuz, the international waters that connect the Persian Gulf with the Arabian Sea.  The provocation was blatant, deliberate and, looking at this more closely, simply weird.  Though our navy was on the verge of firing, the video indicates that with radio threats like “We are coming to you”, “You will explode soon,” while putting white boxes into the water, this story could have had a very different outcome with many dead Americans if the Iranians had other plans.  It’s a little too close for my comfort.

A note to the Iranians, however:  be on notice that we are not British– if you try that again, you will meet Allah earlier than anticipated!

3 Responses to “Danger in the Straits of Hormuz”

  1. rightonoz said

    Not quite fair on the Brits. They were heavily outnumbered and no likelihood of support before being wiped out. The US had the distinct advantage of being on large well armed ships with incredible firepower and immediate support, not on a Zodiac doing close quarters and VERY dangerous work that the Brits and our troops do every day in that area.

    Having said that, a group of Aussie troops were surrounded in similar fashion and location to the Brits somewhat earlier and in typical Aussie fashion told the Iranians to Fu.. Off (actual words used) and verbally abused the Iranians and made seriously defensive maneuvers to clearly get the message across that they were prepared to take them on – the Iranians backed down. But then our guys (often in concert with the Kiwi’s) have a 200 year history of kicking ass against odds. Boer War, Galipoli (the legend of the ANZAC’s was born – even today the Turk’s hold the Aussie/Kiwi’s in great respect and hold joint commemorations), Western Front, Tobruk, New Guinea, Casino, Korea, Malaysia an example of how to beat a communist insurgency),Borneo, Vietnam, Afghanistan where the Taliban are learning to their (and unfortunately several of our SAS finest)cost that we will not be cowered like some of the Nato troops and will aggressively take the fight to them hand to hand. If you want your arse well and truly kicked, pick a fight with The Aussie or Kiwi troops and if you really want your clock cleaned try pick a fight with the SAS from either country. (unfortunately Comrade Helen Clark who rules the peoples paradise of NZ has done everything in her power to ruin their fine tradition by sitting on the fence.)

    All that said, the Revolutionary Guard are a seriously dangerous group with control by a radical group determined to undermine all efforts by their more liberal sectors to move towards normalization. They need to be faced down on EVERY incident to get the message across. If they do end up killing coalition troops the retribution needs to be immediate and overwhelming. Iran is the real threat to peace in the region.

  2. Mike said

    I agree with Oz on this one as far as the British soldiers are concerned. Blair’s reaction is a different story though.

  3. rightonoz said

    hi Mike,

    You’re right on Blair.

    Good soldiers betrayed by inept politicians who’s spines turn to jelly at the wrong moment!

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