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She Who Must Not Be Named Wins New Hampshire Primary

Posted by Mike on January 8, 2008

Iowa may have postponed the Democrat coronation, but New Hampshire just rescheduled it. She Who Must Not Be Named has defeated Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary, breathing new life into her campaign and increasing Republican chances for victory in November. Prepare yourself for some barferrific media coverage for days to come.

Reuters photo

UPDATE: A Democrat primary means a Democrat has to lose, which means . . . someone must have cheated . . . with the help of . . . DIEBOLD!!! (Hat tip: Hot Air)

2 Responses to “She Who Must Not Be Named Wins New Hampshire Primary”

  1. rightonoz said

    In an earlier post I mentioned Comrade Helen Clark, PM of New Zealand. The similarities are scary in terms of what to expect.

    Handouts to everyone who can’t be bothered to get off their backsides and try for themselves. Handouts to every vocal minority. Handouts immediately before every election.

    Even though the vast majority of thinking Kiwi’s hate her, she gets re-elected on the handout/leftie/minority votes. Tax the hard workers (not even just the rich, but anyone who earns more than her voter base), turn the country into a bludger’s paradise. She’s gutted the defence forces (thankfully left the very best army units alone). NZ no longer has a fighter/ground attack air force. just a few Hercules and maritime patrol.

    A great little country with hard workers, inventive minds (many world beating inventions, and ask any Kiwi – the Wright brothers were SECOND to fly – interesting story for history buffs), the worlds (second?) best Special Forces (SAS). A country with MASSIVE budget surpluses – reduce taxes – hell no, tax more and give more hand-outs! At least they have joined us in taking the fight to the Japanese on whaling.

    This could be THE USA after November, just on a larger scale….. BE VERY AFRAID!

    At least you have the sense to limit to 2 terms.

  2. Chris said

    I’ve been thinking about this one and letting it marinate for the day. And here it is: I am not one bit surprised that SWMNBN won (excuse me if my thinking and reasoning behind this is somewhat cynnical).

    As we have long known since the witch announced, the drive-bys have been quietly cheering her on. She is their candidate, as well as the liberal establishment’s candidate. Obama came along and shocked everyone because of his high poll numbers, as well as his ability to gain traction and support among those “young skulls full of mush” voters. The SWMNBN drive-bys deliberately knocked her down and propped up Obama so as to get her supporters so revved up that they will go to all extremes to support her. New Hampshire’s liberal trend, open primary system and “relaxed” method of getting a ballot also helped, but this one was really credited to the drive-bys. Now that she came back to win New Hampshire, we will now hear the drive-bys blatantly prop her up saying how she overcame a great challenge, is a strong woman because she came back, etc. With her ‘resurgence’ the drive-bys will also look the other way as the gutter-trash Clintonistas try to cement their position and go back to their “Primary Colors” tricks to attack Obama using ‘under the radar racism.’ I hope this back and forth lasts for a while the same way I did when I was hoping that Algore would jump in. Again, I may be sounding really cynnical, but the drive-bys have tried and failed in 2000 and 2004 to get their guy in by using any means necessary. They were somewhat successful in 2006 (with help from the Republicans running away from conservatism) and they will further be fueled this year.

    I quote “The Great One” in my memo to Republicans and Conservatives: get off your (duffs) and do the right thing!!!”

    Oz, you make many good points, but Obama is just as much to the left so on the Democrat side, it’s a choice between socialist A and socialist B, but SWMNBN should scare the wits out of every sane American.

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