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Richardson Calls It Quits

Posted by Ryan on January 9, 2008

Late news Wednesday that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has dropped out of the 2008 race for the Democrat nomination.  He was the only mid-to-top tier candidate that the Dems had with any real foreign policy experience, or any executive experience to speak of. Carter, Reagan, BJ and Dubya were all governors, while Bush 41 was Veep for eight years.  We have not elected a Senator President since JFK in 1960 and he only won by a few states and 120,000 votes nationwide.  Of course, Richardson was wrong on 98% of the issues, but he is a respectable man, likable, and he was not She Who Must Not Be Named! 

While the Republican field is quite unpredictable, the Dems and their accomplices in the MSM really have already narrowed it down to a two person race.  John Edwards will probably follow Richardson’s lead after Super Tuesday, but any mudslinging directed toward SWMNBN is worth leaving.  I’ve felt that Richardson would be a solid Veep pick for the Dems, but it’ll probably end up SWMNBN on top with O’Bama closely in tow.

AP photo.

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Delegate Snapshot

Posted by Ryan on January 9, 2008

To my surprise, there are already 71 Republican delegates that have been pledged

Also, to my surprise Romney thus far has the most: 30 to Huckleberry’s 21 to McCain’s 10.  I know it’s early, but as a Romney fan, I need something!

However, there are some contradictory numbers out there that put Huckleberry at 31, Romney at 19, and Smeagol at 7.  So, who knows?  Just for today, I’ve decided to look at the numbers I like and savor them.

Back to political reality tomorrow.

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