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Delegate Snapshot

Posted by Ryan on January 9, 2008

To my surprise, there are already 71 Republican delegates that have been pledged

Also, to my surprise Romney thus far has the most: 30 to Huckleberry’s 21 to McCain’s 10.  I know it’s early, but as a Romney fan, I need something!

However, there are some contradictory numbers out there that put Huckleberry at 31, Romney at 19, and Smeagol at 7.  So, who knows?  Just for today, I’ve decided to look at the numbers I like and savor them.

Back to political reality tomorrow.


One Response to “Delegate Snapshot”

  1. Mike said

    Nice try Ryan.

    You are right that delegates are all that matters when all is said and done. However, momentum matters more than delegates at this point and Romney has none. Our eventual nominee must win 1,191 deleates out of 2,381 to win. Most of those will be won on Super Tuesday, and a candidate cannot win on that day if the earlier states destroy his viability. Mitt Romney isn’t pulling all of his resources out of Florida and South Carolina to focus on Michigan because his 31 delegates give him a cushion; he’s doing it because he’s toast if he loses Michigan.

    At this point in the race, the momentum that springs from victories is what matters and Romney doesn’t have it. When a candidate’s strategy is to stake his political chances on Iowa and New Hampshire, he had better not lose both. Romney did and is now fighting for his life in one of his home states.

    I know that as a Romney supporter you “need something,” but this ain’t it.

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