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Richardson Calls It Quits

Posted by Ryan on January 9, 2008

Late news Wednesday that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has dropped out of the 2008 race for the Democrat nomination.  He was the only mid-to-top tier candidate that the Dems had with any real foreign policy experience, or any executive experience to speak of. Carter, Reagan, BJ and Dubya were all governors, while Bush 41 was Veep for eight years.  We have not elected a Senator President since JFK in 1960 and he only won by a few states and 120,000 votes nationwide.  Of course, Richardson was wrong on 98% of the issues, but he is a respectable man, likable, and he was not She Who Must Not Be Named! 

While the Republican field is quite unpredictable, the Dems and their accomplices in the MSM really have already narrowed it down to a two person race.  John Edwards will probably follow Richardson’s lead after Super Tuesday, but any mudslinging directed toward SWMNBN is worth leaving.  I’ve felt that Richardson would be a solid Veep pick for the Dems, but it’ll probably end up SWMNBN on top with O’Bama closely in tow.

AP photo.


5 Responses to “Richardson Calls It Quits”

  1. hfamom said

    Your source is the Fox Noise Channel… In typical Fox style this is not confirmed and is denied by the Richardson camp. I won’t believe it until I hear it from him.

  2. Mike said

    Try reading the link next time dipshit. The source is AP, Fox was just reporting it. But since you want another “source”, here you go.

  3. Chris said


    As someone who worked on campaigns, I will further educate you on how they work. Every campaign hires a person who writes press releases. They are key for getting out information to the media, as well as speaking for the candidate through the website, blogs, etc. We in this country, Hfamom, have an insatiable appetite for 24/7 news, but a dropout is something they will not release until the official announcement is made. There are people in news, hfamom, called sources, and they are the ones releasing the info to the news outlets. These sources, hfamom, are reliable. And here’s another “source” …and it’s updated, too….oooh.

  4. hfamom said

    I stand corrected.

  5. wickle said

    Obviously, I disagreed with Gov. Richardson on almost everything. But he was the best-qualified candidate that the Dems had, and the strongest candidate in either field with actual foreign policy experience (that mantle now goes to Rep. Duncan Hunter, or maybe Ambassador Keyes). His fervent desire to leave equipment in Iraq while we run away like whipped dogs is, obviously, a reason to question what he did with that experience; but I liked him among Democrats. They have now completely abandoned the talent and experience of their field for the glamorous celebrities — Dodd, Biden, and Richardson were the ones with qualifications to run for President. What a shame.

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