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Fred Thompson Wins Republican Debate in South Carolina

Posted by Mike on January 10, 2008

Fred Thompson was the big winner in tonight’s Republican debate on Fox News and it wasn’t even close. He was authoritative, passionate, and articulate. More importantly, he reiterated the fact that he is most consistent conservative in the race. He supports lower taxes, limited government, the War on Terror, cracking down on illegal immigration, and the rights of the unborn. He delivered the best one liners of the evening, called out Mike Huckabee’s numerous liberal positions, and reminded us that enemies who threaten America are closer to meeting their virgins than they realize. Fred Thompson came across as the only across-the-board conservative on the stage tonight, and that’s because he is the only across-the-board conservative in the race.

The other candidates did fine for the most part. Mike Huckabee stood out for his passionate defense of faith as always. Rudy Giuliani correctly reminded voters that not all change is positive. John McCain had a great moment when he baited Ron Paul on foreign policy. Others did not do so well. Although I watched this debate, I’m still not sure that Mitt Romney was actually there, and Ron Paul once again provided the unintentional comedy. This was a sideshow however. Fred bested them all tonight in a blowout.

Debate winners do not always win the next primary, but fortunately this situation is different than the New Hampshire debates held one to two days before the voting. With the South Carolina primary still nine days away, Thompson will have the opportunity to ride the Palmetto momentum that should surface soon. If conservative South Carolinians recognize their own, the dynamics of our primary may change once again.

UPDATE: Here is Fred Thompson’s first home run of the night, exposing Huckabee’s liberal positions in a way Romney should have done in Iowa.

Video link via Hot Air, which also links to Frank Luntz’s focus group. See also one of the happiest evenings ever on Blogs For Thompson, and the Right Wing News liveblog.

UPDATE 2: Also via Hot Air, Fred, on Iran’s recent shenanigans.

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Lurching Towards O’Bama

Posted by Ryan on January 10, 2008

John “F’in” Kerry (affectionately known as “Lurch”) has decided to weigh in on the 2008 Democrat nomination and he’s fallen in love with the big “O.”  By doing so Kerry is publicly snubbing his 2004 running mate, the Breck Girl himself, John Edwards. 

What happened to the love, John Kerry?

Remember these days?

Alas, on to a new love:


First pic from Epps Net, second from Boortz.

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