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Huckabee Presents False Choice

Posted by Mike on January 13, 2008

Mike Huckabee’s recent comments that social conservatives are unwelcome to lead the Republican Party is quite perplexing. Since 1980, Republican voters have demanded that any candidate wishing to be President of the United States must also support the right of every child to be born. In fact, the Republican Party is so welcoming to social conservatives that the last four Presidential nominees, Reagan, Bush, Dole, and Bush, have all been pro-life social conservatives. This year, with the exception of Rudy Giuliani, every one of the leading Republican candidates are pro-life, social conservatives. Huckabee is simply wrong on this point and I suspect he knows it.

In addition to being wrong, Huckabee is presenting our party a false choice. Social, fiscal, and foreign policy conservatism are not mutually exclusive. Social conservatives are quite capable of also supporting limited government and a hawkish foreign policy with or without the approval of Euroleftists. Our previous nominees who ran on this platform were quite successful and certainly welcome as leaders of the Republican Party.

The trouble with Mike Huckabee is not his social conservatism. Those views are right in line with Republican thinking. Huckabee’s problem with many in our party is the fact that he is a liberal on so many other issues. Fred Thompson brought this up at the most recent debate (spontaneous crowd reaction included in this video), earning him rave reviews and a spike in fundraising.

Huckabee’s responded to Fred’s mention of his record of course. The problem is that he did so in a manner reminiscent of Beavis and Butthead. If this is how Huckabee responds to a one-minute flashback of his record, how on earth is he going to respond when She Who Must Not Be Named runs an ad that goes something like this?

Hat tip on first link to The Right Wing Nut House and Mark Levin.


2 Responses to “Huckabee Presents False Choice”

  1. Ryan said

    Yeah. Huckabee is an easy target. It’s great that evangelicals seem to dig his churchiness, but Huckabee might get 45% in the general at most, even against SWMNBN.

  2. Chris said

    That has to be one of the best ads I’ve seen in a while…and BJ, the Impeached one, even makes an appearance! SWMNBN will make mincemeat out of Hucka-phoney (as The Great One calls him) and his nomination could be one of the two biggest mistakes (McCain being the other) the Republicans could make this year.

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