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Sindey Blumenthal: DWI

Posted by Ryan on January 13, 2008

Remember this guy?  Sidney Blumenthal was one of those Clinton hacks that we hoped we’d never have to see again.  His m.o. was to immediately dig up dirt on any Clinton accuser in order to deflect the core issue.  Quite sleazy.  Now he’s an adviser to She Who Must Not Be Named’s run for the White House (surprise surprise).

Well, Mr. Blumenthal was caught Driving While Intoxicated in Nashua, New Hampshire.  He refused the breathalyzer, failed the field sobriety test, and was handcuffed, booked and fingerprinted, and held in custody for a few hours while he sobered up. 

But you know what the big kicker is? 

All this happened last Monday, the day before the super-close New Hampshire primary!  Does the MSM think we’re that stupid, holding onto a story for a week in order to provide cover for SWMNBN?  You know this story would have dominated the news all primary day, probably pushing the undecideds in O’Bama’s direction.  This is but a taste of what’s to come in the general: the MSM, not doing their job of reporting, rather actively campaigning for their favorite troll.

Mugshot from the Smoking Gun.


2 Responses to “Sindey Blumenthal: DWI”

  1. wickle said

    Wow … this got absolutely no play around here. I hadn’t heard a thing about it prior to the primary. (I’m in NH … not sure whether you know that.) That does raise some important questions, yes.

  2. “Hillary Clinton – A Lifetime of Walking the Walk.” Unfortunately political advisor Sidney Blumenthal wasn’t so lucky. At 12:30 am. Monday morning, one day before the New Hampshire state primary Nashua police observed Mr. Blumenthal’s rental car careen through Greeley Park at speeds in excess of 70-mph., in a 30-mph. zone, and apprehended Sidney. (Funny we didn’t hear about it, in a quirk of irony maybe that’s why Hillary teared-up and won NH.) Sid failed to walk the walk – failed the field sobriety test, got arrested – handcuffed.

    Kind of like Dee Dee Myers does every so often. Sidney Blumenthal, longtime friend and senior adviser to presidential candidate Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. was intoxicated. Free the Chicago 7, free Bobby Seale; Attica, Attica, screamed Blumenthal, before being tossed into the slammer for four hours. Police offered to free Mr. Seale on condition that Mr. Blumenthal take the Breathalyzer, but in the absence of a sworn affidavit or even a pinky-swear on the part of police, Sidney declined the test, and was booked for Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated, DWI:

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