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Democrats Reap The Political Correctness They Sowed

Posted by Mike on January 15, 2008

Every time there is a Republican primary, the media recycles the same story about how the Republican Party is divided beyond belief when in fact, it is the Democrats who have more of a problem. This year, the Democrats have an even bigger problem on their hands because both of their frontrunners are now on the receiving end of the PC nonsense their party has dished out for decades. This state of affairs is even more amusing when told by Rush Limbaugh.

Part 1

Part 2

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Ron Fournier’s Waterworks

Posted by Mike on January 15, 2008

It is no secret that I consider Fred Thompson to be head and shoulders above the rest of the Republican field. It is also no secret that although Mitt Romney is my distant second choice, I have serious reservations about the timing of political conversions (which are not as numerous as liberals claim, but are too numerous for my taste). That said, this column by AP reporter liberal hack Ron Fournier is so over the top that I’m actually experiencing Schadenfreude.

The column, printed on webpage designed to look like a hard news site, is actually a whiny liberal’s temper tantrum in reaction to Mitt Romney’s thumpin’ of John McCain tonight in Michigan. Those who follow the news regularly know that liberals have a soft spot for McCain. My hope is that enough Republican voters who might not follow the news regularly figure this out before casting a vote. The fact that Romney’s defeat of McCain is giving Fournier such a rough time should give potential voters pause.

Come to think of it, so should the fact that Fournier took a time out from his hissy fit to complement Romney for his Massachusetts health care plan. I guess if it was good enough for Ted Kennedy, it was good enough for Ron Fournier.

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Michigan Primary Preview Poem

Posted by Ryan on January 15, 2008

On the Republican side it’s Mitt v. McCain 

On the Democrat side it’s only She Who Must Not Be Named.

It’s being spun as a must-win for Mitt,

While the Dems persist in throwing a fit,

For their delegates don’t count for scheduling too early–

Too bad, I like watching the Dems get surly.

AP photo.

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