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Democrats Reap The Political Correctness They Sowed

Posted by Mike on January 15, 2008

Every time there is a Republican primary, the media recycles the same story about how the Republican Party is divided beyond belief when in fact, it is the Democrats who have more of a problem. This year, the Democrats have an even bigger problem on their hands because both of their frontrunners are now on the receiving end of the PC nonsense their party has dished out for decades. This state of affairs is even more amusing when told by Rush Limbaugh.

Part 1

Part 2


3 Responses to “Democrats Reap The Political Correctness They Sowed”

  1. Chris said

    Definitely one of his best opening monologues! You couldn’t write this storyline even if you tried!

    The Clintonista trash are pulling out their old Primary Colors dirty tricks and Obama’s not taking it lying down, nor are his supporters. As a Republican, I am really enjoying watching this (this is what I thought would have happened if Algore got in) and whoever survives the Un-Civil War will be damaged…and the damage will be magnifieid depending on who the nominee is for the Republicans.

  2. Ryan said

    Sweet! That’s why Rush is the best! The “Un-civil War” and the press’s conundrum: how can they knock any of them– they’re all liberals, they’re all victims, they’re all minorities, and they all blame Mitt Romney! Superb.

  3. […] Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris assumes that BJ wants an O’Bama win in SC to make it seem as if only blacks will vote for Barry, thereby pushing the white vote to SWMNBN.  Notice how hard O’Bama tries to keep race out of this battle, but BJ and the MSM are playing that card openly in this contest to add another from to this “Uncivil War.” […]

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