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Cheesy 1980s Star Wars Flashback

Posted by Mike on January 17, 2008

Ryan’s going to love this one and I’m sure those of you who were born in the 1970s will as well. Call it stupid, call it a timesuck, call it whatever you want. I call it hella sweet.

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Debates Matter

Posted by Mike on January 17, 2008

A few months ago, it might be a year ago now who knows?, I had a discussion with a close friend of mine about one of the many primary debates scheduled for that night.  My friend did not watch that debate because of a belief that they really didn’t matter.  I knew then it wasn’t true and many more now know it too for one simple reason.  Mike Huckabee catapulted himself into the first tier because of the debates.

Debates alone will never crown a winner, but they are a factor that should never be underestimated.  Prior to the debates, Huckabee was mired in the Republican Party’s second tier.  Despite having little name recognition, organization, media attention, and even less money, Huckabee is now in a position where he could conceivably be the Republican nominee.  I don’t think Huckabee will be the nominee.  That honor will probably go to one of the other moderates.  However, a Huck win is conceivable and it is all because of the debates.

With that in mind,  I point to Right Wing News’ top ten presidential debate moments posted on the top of their page right now.  Huckabee has two entries, though I think that his most towering rhetorical home run is missing.  Also worth a look are the clips of Rudy Giuliani bitchslapping Ron Paul and Fred Thompson showing his disdain for “hand shows.”

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ZipperGate Plus 10

Posted by Ryan on January 17, 2008

It was ten years ago today that Matt Drudge became the first independent Internet journalist to break a major news story before the MSM online.  That story was about a 23 year old intern named Monica Lewinsky having a sordid affair with President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.  Michael Isikoff, Newsweek and the Washington Post had the story but refused to run it until January 21, 1998

Sucks for them: their protection of that sleaze-bag eventually led to an Internet news revolution and the eventual proliferation of the blogosphere as an integral and serious part of the alternative media. 

Not only does every description of that period require tongue and cheek ententres (very frustrating as a teacher!), but we also got the “blue dress,” as well as the existential deliberation of the meaning of “is” as it relates to CYA’s on national TV.  It was a national embarrassment that eventually led to Clinton’s impeachment and acquittal.  It was also a period when women’s lib was catapulted back to the 1950s through NOW’s utter silence on the issue and She Who Must Not Be Named permanently lost my respect (yes–she actually had a true opportunity to earn that respect on a human level, but blew it).

Even today the jokes proliferate, especially since SWMNBN is running for President!

AP photo.

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