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South Carolina Preview

Posted by Ryan on January 19, 2008

One thing I love about living through history is that occasionally we get surprises.  Every four years in South Carolina, we predictably get “dirty” tactics, push-polls, hysteria over the Confederate Flag, etc.  I am certainly hoping for a new surprise to come out of South Carolina:

–I hope that if the winner is John McCain (who many polls indicate could very well win) that he does not set the tone for how the rest of the South votes, which tends to be the case in Republican primaries.

–I hope that if Huckleberry wins, the same pattern does not occur.

–I hope that Fred Thompson does repectable enough to stay in the race at least until Super Tuesday and maybe get some mo- out of SC.

Also, the Nevada Caucuses are today.  I can’t really say I care much about Nevada, though Romney seems likely to win.  However, on the Dem side O’Bama needs to pull out a victory over She Who Must Not Be Named just to keep things interesting in that race– the more they continue to trash each other the better it is for the Republicans. 

AP photo.


2 Responses to “South Carolina Preview”

  1. wickle said

    Well, you got part of your wish. Sen. McCain did pull out the win … 3 points isn’t a crushing defeat for Huckabee, but we do need a win soon to keep in the game.

    As for Thompson, we’ll see. With the amount of time he spent in SC, I think that he needs to look at a 4th place finish as a sign that he’s done. But it might be worth it to him to stay in a bit longer … we’ll see. I don’t see McCain doing that well through the South. On the other hand, I think that Thompson and Huckabee are vying for the same primarily-social conservatives. (I haven’t look at a lot of exit polls yet, but I doubt that Romney is getting many of those.)

  2. Mike said

    3rd place, not 4th. I’ll post my thoughts in the next day or two.

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