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It’s Official: Pats v. Giants in Super Bowl XLII

Posted by Ryan on January 20, 2008

The NFL’s two Conference Championship games were held today and as usual, the one that the Pats weren’t playing in was more exciting.

The first contest pitted the San Diego Chargers against the New England Patriots.  Though a pretty sloppy game, the Pats won 21-12 to be the first team in NFL history to go 18-0 in one season. It was their fourth AFC Championship in seven years and the fifth time they’ve played in it in seven seasons.

The late game had the New York Giants playing an Ice Bowl at -4 degrees (-24 windchill) against the Packers in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The game was tight given the rough conditions, but the Giants pulled it off in overtime 23-20.

So, it’s my home team against the local team in Super Bowl XLII on Sunday, February 3, 2008.  Given what I’ve seen and experienced in my lifetime, I will be on the record taking the Pats by 3 points which was the margin of each of the three Super Bowl’s that they have won over the last seven years: 20-17, 32-29, 24-21 respectively. 

It should be a good game and I’ll have more analysis and thoughts on this as the Super Bowl approaches in two weeks.  While playing their best football on the road, the Giants’ 10-game road winning streak will probably end much like the Chargers and the Jaguars’ various streaks, or the mighty Cowboys and Colts (whose first losses were both to New England this season).  But, I do think the game will be very competitive, more so than last year’s Super Bowl.  Plus, don’t forget the potential for history as the Pats strive for the first 19-0 season ever!

Pic from the Slimes.

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South Carolina and Nevada: the Day After

Posted by Ryan on January 20, 2008

What happened yesterday?

First, Nevada

She Who Must Not Be Named defeated O’Bama 51-45% in what was expected to be a slim O’Bama victory.  This is the second state where they predicted an O’Bama win, but SWMNBN won nonetheless.  I wonder how much of that is the MSM playing games and misinterpreting data.  To be wrong once happens, but twice starts to look like a pattern.  Plus, it was precious to watch BJ whine about personally witnessing “voting irregularities” before the final counts were in– just in case his “wife” lost, the lawyers could roll in with impunity and moral indignation.  No word on any anti-O’Bama irregularities though… hmm… I guess they wouldn’t matter, would they?

Romney wiped the floor with everyone on the Republican side, but if you couple the idea that he was the only one seriously running out there and match that with Nevada’s high Mormon population, his victory by 30+ points was easily predictable.  I liked that Libertarian Ron Paul beat out John McCain by a percentage point, 14-13%.  Romney is still ahead in the delegate count, but before Super Tuesday, these small states don’t really mean much.

Second, South Carolina.

This was solely a Republican contest in that the Dems vote next week.  McCain squeaked out a victory over Huckleberry 33-30%, with Thompson and Romney rounding out the top four, 16-15%, respectively.  With his fourth consecutive meager showing, word has it that Duncan Hunter will be dropping out of the race sometime in the near future.  I’d think he’d want to stay in as long as possible for the sake of the Veep-stakes, in that I think he’d make a solid Veep no matter who the nominee will be, but it doesn’t look like it.

Every Republican nominee since Ronaldus Magnus in 1980 has also happened to have won South Carolina. 

If this trend were to hold, it would be a poor moment for the Republican Party in my opinion.  I believe that McCain is a poor, undisciplined, moderate, back-room pandering, media-whorish Republican who has little energy when he speaks, seems like an old man, and who can easily be labelled a Washington insider that has turned his back on conservative principles numerous times in high profile ways over the last 10 years– right when we needed Republican solidarity, he wasn’t there on judges, taxes, First Amendment, amnesty, etc.  

I am very disappointed that Fred Thompson lost.  He is the most consistently conservative, whose common sense conservative positions are generally a blueprint for victory in the fall.  Whenever Republicans run as moderates, we’ve lost since 1976.  I still think that dynamic is in play.  Plus, I wanted to see a different person win just to keep the race wide-open until Super Tuesday.  Alas, the MSM will be humming the mantra of McCain’s inevitability until February 5, which may make it likely to be a self-fulfilling prophesy!  Ugh. 

The Republican Party needs to end its practice of open primaries, especially in the early states, where not very good conservatives can get mo- from not very conservative voters.  The idea that members of another party have influence over who our party nominates is disturbing and potentially electorally suicidal.

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