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It’s Official: Pats v. Giants in Super Bowl XLII

Posted by Ryan on January 20, 2008

The NFL’s two Conference Championship games were held today and as usual, the one that the Pats weren’t playing in was more exciting.

The first contest pitted the San Diego Chargers against the New England Patriots.  Though a pretty sloppy game, the Pats won 21-12 to be the first team in NFL history to go 18-0 in one season. It was their fourth AFC Championship in seven years and the fifth time they’ve played in it in seven seasons.

The late game had the New York Giants playing an Ice Bowl at -4 degrees (-24 windchill) against the Packers in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The game was tight given the rough conditions, but the Giants pulled it off in overtime 23-20.

So, it’s my home team against the local team in Super Bowl XLII on Sunday, February 3, 2008.  Given what I’ve seen and experienced in my lifetime, I will be on the record taking the Pats by 3 points which was the margin of each of the three Super Bowl’s that they have won over the last seven years: 20-17, 32-29, 24-21 respectively. 

It should be a good game and I’ll have more analysis and thoughts on this as the Super Bowl approaches in two weeks.  While playing their best football on the road, the Giants’ 10-game road winning streak will probably end much like the Chargers and the Jaguars’ various streaks, or the mighty Cowboys and Colts (whose first losses were both to New England this season).  But, I do think the game will be very competitive, more so than last year’s Super Bowl.  Plus, don’t forget the potential for history as the Pats strive for the first 19-0 season ever!

Pic from the Slimes.


3 Responses to “It’s Official: Pats v. Giants in Super Bowl XLII”

  1. Chris said

    I may be a little biased here being that I grew up watching the Giants, but I think I can back this one up with logic as well as loyalty. Giants over Pats (I will refer to the Pats as *) by a touchdown!

    The Giants will be facing the * the 2nd time this year. Each team they have faced in an additional game this playoffs, they’ve won (Dallas, after being beaten twice in the regular season, The Pack after being shellacked in the 2nd week). They will be facing the * a second time this season and they played the * strongly. When they won Super Bowl XXV, they had lost to the Bills that year before beating them in the Super Bowl.

    To win the Super Bowl this year, they must put pressure on Brady and not only keep up the pressure, but sack him. Brady makes mistakes when under pressure. With the Spagnolo defense, that seems possible. If they can sack him at least 3 times, the * could be looking at 18-1! Also, they must contain Moss and not let him break out and make plays. The offense must also control the ball.

    Two weeks two go and we’ll be hearing a lot about this for sure!

  2. Ryan said

    Since 2001, Bill Belichick has never lost to a team he has had two weeks to prepare for. The Packers are the youngest team (hence least experienced) in the NFL and Favre made mistakes that Brady won’t. It is difficult for any team to beat you three times in a season, hence Dallas just fell on the sides of the odds.

    Plus, I heard similar talk from Eagles fans a few years ago, citing stats, bringing up streaks and records, thinking they would wipe the floor with the Pats– a Pats team where half the rostser wouldn’t have even made this year’s team. The Pats have Super Bowl experience, their defense held the Chargers (the team that beat the Colts) to 4 field goals, and made Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew non-factors the week before– running backs that are at least as good as Jacobs and Bradshaw. Brady was sacked twice yesterday, had three picks, and was only 67% passing (bad for Brady, but spectacular for Eli, who has only been passing 63% all playoffs) and they still won by 9!

    It will be a good game, however:

    Giants fans should be warned about thinking that they’ll be playing the same team with the same plan as they faced last time. The Giants almost won in a game the Pats were tentatively looking past… and quickly and seemingly without effort shot 22 unanswered points before taking it easy with five minutes left: hence the Giants made it seem close by a late time consuming drive resulting in an unimportant touchdown, given the Pats were 10 points up anyway.

  3. Mike said

    And if Belichick held on to duplicates of the illegally-obtained videotapes he was forced to hand over after cheating this season, then he really has a lot more than 2 weeks to prepare for the Giants. The *s proved that the saying “cheaters never win” is bunk, but it would be nice if the Giants could prove that “cheaters don’t always win.”

    Go Giants! Beat The Cheats!

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