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Quick! Drop The House!

Posted by Mike on January 21, 2008

Tonight’s Democrat debate televised on one of their party’s cable channels was actually worth watching because what Rush calls the Uncivil War is heating up. It also serves to remind people that She Who Must Not Be Named is quite . . . um . . . unappealing . . . yeah, unappealing, when she feels threatened. Watching this tells me that whatever moderate our party eventually nominates will be in much better shape than the media would like everyone to believe.

Video via Hot Air


One Response to “Quick! Drop The House!”

  1. Ryan said

    What a biz-nitch! Perfect liberal– shout down your opponent and pull the conversation away from the issue at hand and towards an issue you’re more comfortable with.

    I also loved O’Bama’s line, “I can’t tell who I’m running against sometimes” in reference to SWMNBN’s “husband”.

    I’m also glad that they are on record for decades being on the wrong side of history and the economic interests of the nation.

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