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Fred Thompson Drops Out

Posted by Mike on January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson dropped out of the race for President today. Although he didn’t make it, Senator Thompson should be proud for putting himself out there and giving conservatives their greatest option since 1984. Some say he entered too late. Others say he didn’t campaign hard enough. Whether these sentiments are true, somewhat true, or bunk, conservatives cannot complain that they had no one to speak for them.

Now the task is to find the least liberal alternative, and stop the witch.

4 Responses to “Fred Thompson Drops Out”

  1. Chris said

    A sad day for Conservatives in the Republican Party and I agree…Fred Thompson had his name, family and reputation dragged through the mud in this campaign (and when the drive-bys weren’t doing that, they were ignoring him). I agree with his philosophy and admire his style of dealing with the drive-bys by not accepting the premace of their ridiculous questions.

    Antoher thing for which we can hope is that the quasi-conservative who gets the nomination will choose Fred Thompson as their Vice Presidential nominee…he would wipe the floor with Evan Bayh (who I believe will be the witch’s VP nominee and not Obama…and if it is Obama, the two will have to make a better attempt at pulling off that alliance than had been done by Lurch and Polly Prissy Pants) and bring back some conservatives to the party that feel jilted and marginalized.

  2. Dube said

    I just posted about something similar myself earlier today! I was really sad to see Thompson go. I will miss him!

  3. Salinger said

    Thompson is a great conservative, and his exit from the campaign is a great loss to the process. There are many opinions to why Fred didn’t do as well as all of us think he could have and should have. I alluded to some in my post yesterday, but some more have come to mind.

    I think that Fred Thompson may have been a reluctant candidate. He was not like a Romney or McCain, who have been hoping for the presidency for years. He also was not like a Huckabee or Hunter who are possibly looking for a VP bid. There’s talk that he got in the race because of the “Draft Fred” movement that was going on in the spring of last year. I think Fred may have not wanted to be president because it’s what he wanted, but because he felt the call of the Conservative movement and of his country.

    Unfortunately, in today’s media-driven world, such a candidate is at an inherant disadvantage. It’s a shame, because a reluctant president may be just what this country needs.

  4. Dube said

    Funny, what Salinger wrote about a “reluctant candidate” being just what this country might need is exactly what I was saying to some family the other day. I don’t want someone who is power hungry running the US. I always wished Colin Powell had run. He had so much support at one point in time and he wasn’t power hungry like so many others.

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