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Bizarre Endorsements

Posted by Mike on January 23, 2008

Earlier today, Ryan offered his thoughts on Duncan Hunter’s endorsement of Mike Huckabee. Like many others across the internet, he is perplexed by it. This isn’t the first strange endorsement however. Captain’s Quarters has detected many bizarre Republican endorsements for 2008. I expect this to continue.

Most Republican primary endorsements until the nomination is won will be odd. That is because every one of the candidates is flawed, and I don’t mean flawed in the sense that no candidate is perfect. I mean flawed in the sense that the fact that these are the men left standing probably means that the Republican Party is no longer a conservative party.

  • Mike Huckabee raised taxes so much in Arkansas that he had to beg the Democrats in his state legislature to raise them further. On top of that, he still defends his idea of providing in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants, a benefit he would not extend to the children of Americans living outside of Arkansas.
  • Rudy Giuliani supports abortion on demand, affirmative action, civil unions, gun control along with many other positions that play well at your run of the mill Judy Garland convention in San Francisco.
  • John McCain, with President Bush and five Court Justices as accomplices, actually amended the First Amendment and is trying to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.
  • Mitt Romney supported a health care plan that featured the same kind of mandates that all three Democrats called for in their most recent debate. He has also changed his positions if not his tone, complete with timing curiously close to a Republican primary, on many issues such as abortion, campaign finance, and amnesty.

Every one of these candidates has problems that go beyond the types of problems we normally see in a primary. Unfortunately, any conservative who wants to affect the outcome of this race must choose one of these men to be our nominee. Every time that happens in a public setting, people are inevitably going to wonder why a conservative would support such a candidate for one reason and one reason only: there are no conservatives in this race. That more than anything is what is bizarre to me.

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Hunter’s Behind Huckabee

Posted by Ryan on January 23, 2008

Duncan Hunter has just endorsed Huckleberry Mike for President.  Some are quite miffed by this latest development.  Aside from both men being pro-life, Hunter’s endorsement is kind of odd:  he likes Huckleberry’s position and potential on border security, emerging China, and national defense apparently more than the remaining candidates, but how does Huckleberry really stand out over the others?

Hunter was generally perceived as the conservative who wouldn’t get elected because no one knew about him.  While great on the issues, he didn’t stand out in those debates and never gained any steam.  His “also-ran” status was earned very early given the names he was surrounded by. 

With Fred out of the race, I supposed Hunter thought that Huckleberry’s the best of the bunch… but Huckleberry’s bad on illegals, taxes, and Iraq (sounding like a Dem on all three), so where’s the logic behind a conservative supporting an at-best moderate? 

Having been promised a cabinet position in a Huckleberry Administration or not, one has to take principles into consideration, or come up with some better reasons to lend your name a credibility to the Huckster, especially when he’s trending down (at the moment).  You’d want to at least wait until after Super Tuesday before whoring for cabinet posts, right?

Add me to the miffed category on this one!

Pic from Ms. Underestimated.

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Wall Street Swings!

Posted by Ryan on January 23, 2008

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was having a major mood swing today:

…sell sell sell… sell sell some more… buy buy buy buy buy!!! 

At the end of the day, the Dow was up over 12,200 again, being up nearly 300 points when it was all said and done, after having been down as much as 320.  The entire New York Stock Exchange saw 7.44 billion shares trade hands today– an all-time record high volume.  While technically in the early stages of a bear market, Wall Street is apparently confronting the recession jitters and digging in by picking up good stocks cheap. 

Good for them since my 403b has been completely rocked thus far in 2008! 

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