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Hunter’s Behind Huckabee

Posted by Ryan on January 23, 2008

Duncan Hunter has just endorsed Huckleberry Mike for President.  Some are quite miffed by this latest development.  Aside from both men being pro-life, Hunter’s endorsement is kind of odd:  he likes Huckleberry’s position and potential on border security, emerging China, and national defense apparently more than the remaining candidates, but how does Huckleberry really stand out over the others?

Hunter was generally perceived as the conservative who wouldn’t get elected because no one knew about him.  While great on the issues, he didn’t stand out in those debates and never gained any steam.  His “also-ran” status was earned very early given the names he was surrounded by. 

With Fred out of the race, I supposed Hunter thought that Huckleberry’s the best of the bunch… but Huckleberry’s bad on illegals, taxes, and Iraq (sounding like a Dem on all three), so where’s the logic behind a conservative supporting an at-best moderate? 

Having been promised a cabinet position in a Huckleberry Administration or not, one has to take principles into consideration, or come up with some better reasons to lend your name a credibility to the Huckster, especially when he’s trending down (at the moment).  You’d want to at least wait until after Super Tuesday before whoring for cabinet posts, right?

Add me to the miffed category on this one!

Pic from Ms. Underestimated.


4 Responses to “Hunter’s Behind Huckabee”

  1. Mike said

    This actually makes perfect sense and I respect Hunter’s reasons. We essentially have four candidates remaining. Three of those fours are not completely trustworthy on the life issue. Romney flip flopped; McCain is pro-life, but loves the type of media attention that would come with Sandra Day O’Connor version 2.0; and Rudy is simply wrong.

    People know Hunter for his imigration stance, but he has been passionately committed to protecting the unborn. To him, it is a matter of life and death. I respect that.

  2. Was the founder of the Minutemen also angling for a cabinet post?

  3. ljg17 said

    Good point values voter! Jim Gilchrist endorsed early on, I really appreciate Huckabee’s explanation about illegals in that it is a federal problem that is dumped into governors laps. I think it is reasolable to support education for illegals as a governor if the feds are going to ignore the thousands that come across the border every month, so I do not see this as a flip flop or weakness. I think that the true conservatives need to step back and give huck a second look. And really listen to him and not the spin.

  4. wickle said

    Hunter backs the Fair Tax.

    Hunter is strongly pro-life.

    The truth is, Huckabee isn’t the raving lefty that Malkin and so many others say he is. This fervent need to excommunicate conservatives is foolish and self-defeating.

    Hunter is now deemed a whore … last week, he was principled. I wonder what happens when the Thompson supporters remember that he backed McCain in 2000.

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