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Fred — The Brokered Nominee?

Posted by Sal on January 24, 2008

I ran across this interesting article about the possibility of Thompson becoming the nominee if the Republican Party heads into a brokered convention.  The article poises that if McCain, Romney, and Huckabee all gain a number of delegates on Super Tuesday and beyond, and none have enough for the nomination, a brokered convention may turn to Fred Thompson, much in the way that it did for Warren Harding almost 90 years ago.  The article states that if none of the top three or four remaining candidates have close to a majority of delegates, the dynamics between them may prevent a brokering of delegates a-la-1976.  Enter Fred, someone whom almost everyone universally likes, but for whatever reason never received the support he deserved.  Improbable?  Sure.  But it is certainly plausible the way things are going, especially if McCain doesn’t win Florida on Tuesday. 

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