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John McCain: Hypocrite?

Posted by Ryan on January 28, 2008

Looks like Gollum-McCain is back!

Back in 2000, McCain defeated Dubya in New Hampshire leading some to think that Bush delved too deeply into the gutter in order to win South Carolina.  McCain was incensed and subsequently obstructed Bush at every opportunity.  Remember when McCain had talks with Tom Daschle back in 2001 about possibly caucusing with the Dems? How about the rumors of McCain running with John “F’in” Kerry back in 2004, serving as both Veep and Secretary of Defense in a Kerry Administration, or even teaming up in 2008?

Now, he’s using the same negative smear tactics he accused Bush of back in 2000 on Mitt Romney in Florida, with the factually inaccurate charge that Romney supported a timeline for troop withdrawal before the Surge had a chance to work.  Distorting the truth less than a week before an election in order to “October Surprise” your opponent is political cowardice that McCain should try to stay above.  So much for all the “Straight-Talk.” 

While the MSM actually calls McCain out on this, he and Romney traded barbs today on the level of each other’s apparent liberalism.  It still remains to be seen if McCain’s false charges will do irreversible damage to Romney’s chances of winning in Florida.

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